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Is Business Planning Necessary For A Home-Based Business?

It is not necessary for you to have a full-blown business plan, like the ones used to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the start-up and growth of businesses with a lot of employees. For the one-person business a simple business plan will suffice.

Work From Home Opportunities - Achieve Success From Home

There are so many work from home opportunities today that it is hard to choose where to begin. Especially if you are the entrepreneurial type, you may be tempted to take advantage of all the work from home opportunities that you read about. Being entrepreneurial is good but it can distract you and t

How to Operate a Part Time Cleaning Company

Do you want to start your own part time cleaning business? Like any business there are certain requirements to be aware of, but running your cleaning business in a part time role requires careful management. This article will cover the essential tips to operate your cleaning business more effectivel

Are You Really Cut Out for Working at Home?

Is working from home the ideal option for you? If you think so and the hiring manager you are interviewing for a job with offers it, consider what it means to daily life.

Steps on How to Become Successful in Online Home Based Business

Do you want to start your own online home based business but do not know what to do? In this article I am going to share with you some of the most important steps to a successful online home based business. During this time of economic crisis, and the current shift in global business models, having

How to Register a Business Name in Georgia

Registering a business name in Georgia has to be done through the Georgia Secretary of State's office. The procedure you follow will depend on what kind of entity you are registering your business as--whether it is a corporation, a limited partnership, a limited-liability company or a sole proprieto

Best 3 Choices For A Proven Home Business

If you attempt to do something worthwhile, make sure to go about it properly. Succeeding at a proven home business can be a case that illustrates this point. Planning your strategy carefully in the beginning and getting sound advice is a solid first step. The biggest choice you have to make is what

SilverCrest Mines Live @ PDAC

Resource Intelligence Interviews Silvercrest Mines' Eric Fier about its producing gold & silver mine Check out SilverCrest Mines profile at RI Analytics, evaluate the projects and mor

How to Craft a USP

There are two ways to articulate your point of differentiation: what is your core competence or what are you better than, than the rest of your competition? Who else is saying the same?

Extra Income Ideas - Marketing For Beginners on a Budget!

So you've developed some extra income ideas on your own, or pulled a few from the 'net that were of interest to you, and now you're anxious to get started making some money. But having the idea (and being able to execute it well) is only half the story. In order to make your extra inc

3 Ways You Can Make Money Online Fast

If you have every did a search on how to make money online, then you know just how many different opportunities pop up every single day. Someone is always finding a loophole or new way to crank in the cash fast.

PrePaid Legal - A Good Opportunity Or a Great Con

Prepaid Legal Services ranks as one of the most successful network marketing companies. The original company, the Sportsman's Motor Club was founded by Harland Stonecipher in 1972. Today, as Prepaid Legal Services, they offer a variety of legal services, as well as a business opportunity to bec

Entrepreneurial Reading - Must Read Non-business Books

Entrepreneurial reading is a way to expand your personal and business world.Do you read outside your specific area of pursuit?Danny Welsh shares books that have made a difference for him, including some personal development genre.