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While Others Are Firing, You Should Be Hiring

In tough economic times, most organizations' first and most predictable reaction is to cut expenses; in today's service economy, the largest expenses are manpower-related. The result is that thousands of talented employees have been released into the marketplace. This increase in talented

My Employer Won't Hire Me Back After FMLA

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows workers to take 12 weeks off of work in any given 12-month period to receive treatment for a serious illness or to care for a family member who suffers from a serious illness. The law requires employers to allow workers on FMLA leave to return to their

Performance Appraisal - Arshi Naim

The Phrase Performance appraisal is composed of two words i.e. performance and appraisal. The word performance is used for the efforts extended to achieve the targets efficiently and effectively. The

Seven of the Best City Cars

If you spend a good deal of time swerving around sharp city streets, negotiating traffic and finding parking spaces that are big enough for your car, then it might be time to ditch the big ...

Distribute Your CV to a Targeted Network of Recruiters

Finding a job can prove to be very challenging. Starting with all the channels at hand and trying to cover all bases from newspapers to job websites, recruiters and employers. Apart from searching for jobs you need to get your CV in place and up to date.

Fired Over a Tweet

"I'm downtown eating. Surrounded by Mormons and repressed sexual energy." It's not the most sensitive or politically correct thing to tweet, especially when you live in Salt Lake City, but it's certainly not illegal and should fall into the "Freedom of Speech" cate

Define Employee Productivity

Productivity is the driving force behind a company’s growth and profitability. According to an report, America Online and conducted a survey that revealed that U.S. employers lose about $544 billion every year due to unproductive employees. To realize a lucrative enterprise

Job Search Engines - 3 Tips on Getting the Most From Job Sites

Job search engines have become one of the most popular ways to find a job. Being able to type in your search by location, category and profession can really speed things up on your job search. This article talks about three ways to get the best results with the major job sites.

Why Should You Use Temp Agencies?

Finding a new job may be difficult and taxing, as it often is. However, don't rule out temporary jobs and using temp agencies to get them.

How to Make a Career Change Profile

It is not the accepted universal truth that the career you are working in will keep giving you the same interest and enjoyment always. It might be with time that you will start getting bored with some job or career and wish to change the career entirely. This will not be such an easy step, as you wi

What Congress Has in Store for You in 2006

Each year at about this time, I wade through both versions of the annual authorization act to give you a sneak peak of what Congress may have in store for you for the upcoming year in the way of military pay and benefits. Here's your "Sneak Peak:"

Developing Modeling Portfolios

Creating modeling portfolios needs both time and work. The very first thing to accomplish is always to make certain that you simply have received a portfolio e-book which has received several pictures. Within your portfolio ...

It Jobs In The Uk

Throughout the United Kingdom, one of the biggest growth areas in the job market is in informational technology. While programmers, developers, and others are needed to create office software and network systems, the most important position in the IT world today is the technical consultant. These co

How to Organize a Cork Board

A cork board can be wonderful organizational tool for students, parents and business owners. The cork board loses its functionality though when it becomes a dumping ground. The key is to keep the cork board organized. With just a few steps, an overloaded cork board can become a wonderful way to keep

OSHA Instructor Qualifications

OSHA regulations help companies to provide standards for workforce warning image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.comIn order to qualify to become an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) authorized trainer, the candidate must complete two courses, in addition to...

Popular Cdl Jobs in Riverside

CDL work opportunities in Riverside are marketed through, to all or any users who're signed up while customers using the internet site. Question any person which you realize and they'll recommend that you become ...

Top Ten Sales Jobs in Vermont

Are you looking for sales jobs in Vermont? Well then you have come to the right place. In this article we are going to give you a list of the top ten sales jobs in Vermont.