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Religious Camp Crafts

Arts and crafts are an important part of a kid's experience at camp. Crafts can teach her how to make things, how to be creative and can even be used to teach about religion. Religious camp crafts must be fun, easy-to-do and versatile enough to be tailored to different religious beliefs.

Reindeer Craft With Felt

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, and with enough brown felt and glue, you can create your own reindeer craft at home. The key to any reindeer craft is creating a set of antlers for Rudolf and his friends. Since felt is a relatively easy material to use, you can create a flock of rei

How to Make Photo Wall Calendars

All of the tools needed to make photo wall calendars can be found at an office supply store. Local pharmacies and photography studios can create a photo CD that includes a collection of images to be featured in each calendar.

DIY Glitter Jewelry

Many artists who use glitter may find they have various colors left over at the end of a project. Rather than throw this away, you can combine the glitter with a two-part resin to form jewelry charms. Charms are very versatile, giving you the option to make glittery necklaces, earrings or bracelets.

Instructions for Palm Weaving

Palm weaving is usually associated with religious festivals, such as Palm Sunday. However, it also makes an interesting arts and crafts project year-round. Although you can make many different shapes and objects using palm fronds, they are traditionally used to make baskets and bowls. The most commo

Water Bottle Experiments

Experiments with water bottles are interesting, diverse and very cheap to carry out, making them ideal for the classroom environment or for a student project. As with any science experiment, it's best if a student can do everything themselves and, if possible, they should be encouraged to draw their

How to Make Fireplace Logs From Newspaper

Though it may not be possible to heat the average-sized home with them, fireplace logs constructed of newspapers are a fun project, environmentally sound and can increase the warmth and enjoyment of wood-burning fireplaces during the long winter months. Instead of discarding your newspapers in the t

How to Make Cards to Send

Cards are sent to friends, family and associates on a variety of occasions. From birthday greetings and congratulations to thank you notes and thoughts of condolence, cards are used to express a wide range of thoughts and feelings to others. Although cards are widely available from a variety of reta

Poems on the Good Old Days

Poems on the good old days have been written ever since the art form began. Poetry was first laid down in ancient history, prior to the year 3000 B.C. Among tales of woe and war, poems communicated fond memories, lost love and time of great joy.

How to Apply Rick Rack

Rick rack is a flat, woven zigzag trim that adds a bit of whimsy to a sewing project. It can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and widths, making it simple to apply to seams or fabric surfaces. Store-bought fabric household items or inexpensive clothing can be embellished with a touch of rick

Wedding Candles Symbol

The actual blossoms, the actual attire, the actual outfits, the wedding candle, the particular celebration and all the other must-haves of the productive wedding party can be quite nerve-racking for anyone engaged and getting married. ...

Warli PaintingThe Magic Of Worli Tribes

Warli painting is a kind of Indian fort art painting which has travelled across different borders and now it is one of the cherished possessions of a large number of art collectors and art lovers. According to the experts, the Warli painting got its name from a small tribe named Warlis inhabiting th

How to Make Your Own Jeans for Girls

Making your own jeans for girls is no different than making any other pair of pants---it starts with the fabric. Choose a heavyweight cotton denim in a medium-toned blue that will stand up to hours of playground abuse without fading in the wash. To get the look just right, make sure you buy a bright

How to Make Homemade Kitty Toys

Among cat owners, one well-worn joke is that you spend $20 on a new cat toy, only to find your cat prefers to play with the plastic ring from a bottle of milk. Cats don't care how much you spend on their toys. Make homemade kitty toys to save money. Homemade kitty toys also make use of what you othe

How to Make a Houndstooth Stencil

The houndstooth design, which originated in Scotland, gained popularity in the early 1950s and has been known ever since. It is considered a check style pattern that can be used on anything imaginable. While the pattern seems quite difficult, it is a very easy design to achieve. These stencils can b

How to Bind for Scrapbooking

As an alternative to scrapbooking pages for a large album, create mini-books with decorations and photos to give as holiday gifts. Add an attractive finished appearance to the books by binding them with coordinating ribbons or fibers. Mini-books allow you to focus on a theme, such as your recent vac