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Generator sales are not very uncommon and they give you a chance to buy a good but less expensive generator.
Of course, only go for first hand generators and never for second hand ones.
But how do you know which features to look for in your generator when trying to buy one from generator sales? First of all, you have to understand why, where and when you could need a generator.
Depending on what you do, a generator can come in a wide variety of uses.
Most commonly, it is used as a backup power source, in residential homes, for use in industry etc.
It can also be used by workers as an additional power source and as the only one by campers.
So, before buying a generator from generator sales, you have to first figure out for what purpose you are going to buy the generator.
If it is to be used as a power backup for times of power cuts, then you should make a list of all the equipments that you intend to deliver power to using the generator.
This list might include your refrigerator, your television set, some lights and fans.
Next, you have to calculate the total power in Watts that will be consumed by all these electrical loads that you intend to run on the generator.
After you have done that, you will get an idea of what the power of the generator should be like.
Usually, generators are rated in Horsepower, another unit of power, and so you need to convert the wattage as calculated earlier into Horsepower or vice versa.
But while buying a generator from generator sales, only considering power will not do.
For home appliances, usually DC generators are good enough but for better performance, AC generators can be opted for.
Another important feature of a generator to keep in mind is the exhaustion of the generator.
That brings us to the fuel being used.
Diesel oil is the common type of fuel, but it produces a lot of smoke.
So to eliminate the pollution, propane gas fuel can be used, which is both cleaner and cheaper.
You should be able to get both types from generator sales.
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