Where to Find the Best Deals at Garage Sales and Yard Sales?

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Garage and Yard sales can be a great way to save money if you're looking for rare items, nice used merchandise, good bargains, or making some extra money by flipping your new purchases.
One note of caution to the buyer.
Buying used doesn't always translate into the great deal everyone comes to expect.
Items at a Garage Sale or Yard Sale are used items in various degrees of wear, usually with no cleanliness to them, and probably can be found in an unsanitary condition.
Doing your homework and buying wisely is a must.
To make the most of your hard earned money, it's important to have your own plan of attack prior to going out to a local sale.
Here is a list of tips to help you in your quest for hidden garage sale and yard sale bargains:
  1. Make a personal buying List on what you are looking for before leaving your house.
    That way you can limit impulse buying, and buy smarter.
  2. Seeking specific items? If you know what you want or need ahead of time, you will know what to ask the sellers for upon your arrival.
    If you don't see it at the sale, ask for it anyway.
  3. Make a Plan on where you are going each day to save travel time and personal costs to get you more sale visits on each hunting day.
    Put your route of travel together economically in order of the closest locations to save driving miles getting to each sale you desire.
    This will make traveling more efficient for you.
  4. Sort through local Newspapers and Internet postings for Ads; look for street signs stating Garage Sale or Yard Sale, etc.
    , and check out Craigslist.
    com for the sales (type in Garage Sale or Yard Sale, in your local area).
  5. Many Garage Sale Listings will site examples of the goods they're offering.
    If the listing cities mainly children's clothing and toys, it probably won't be the best place to look for automobiles, tools, or rare collectables.
  6. Looking for Block-Sales, are a time saver because you can park and walk throughout the neighborhood saving you some more time.
    If one sale does not have the items that interest you, it's a sure bet that the next sale probably will.
  7. You have to Get There First.
    Because you've planned your route ahead of time, you should have no problem hitting the first sale on your list by opening time of the sale.
    Some sales open at 12-5:00pm on Fridays (for a Three day event), and other sales open between 6-9:00am on Saturdays.
    Some sales can be just One day only for either Saturday or just Sunday by itself.
    Getting there early is a good way to ensure you won't lose out on the best items for sale, and fall victim to a highly picked-over selection.
    If you're not an early riser, chose a different technique for your bargain hunting.
    Arrive at closing time on the last day (when sellers are trying to move un-sold products very quickly).
    Sellers will often bring prices way down, but keep in mind the selection will probably not be that great.
  8. Use your Bargaining skills.
    Sellers want to get rid of the goods on their tables, so don't be afraid to ask about a lower price if you think something is listed too high.
    Remember to ask for something you don't see on display.
    There may be other unseen items in the seller's garage, in the seller's house, or with another family member who wants to sell an item you're interested in.
  9. Examine your finds very closely.
    Check over items carefully, looking for cracks, tears, stains, rips, or missing parts, etc.
    Pointing out the flaws in the items you're looking to buy can actually help you when you're negotiating an ideal price with a seller.
  10. Bring the right change to the sale to negotiate with.
    Not having enough money to buy an item or you as the buyer having large money bills (where the seller cannot give you proper change back) could prevent a sale.
    And while your looking to cash a check, or visit an ATM, your sale item you really wanted may be sold to someone else during your absence.
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