A Guide for Finding Rockin" Jobs for Your Summer Vacation

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As the warm months of summer approach and the schools break for summer vacation, young people hit the streets in search of a summer job.
Some seek full time employment while others seek part time, but no matter what type of job they are seeking, one thing remains constant - they all want that pay check.
So, where do you go to find summer employment? Where do you even begin to find companies that hire summer help? Actually, it is easier than you may think.
There are many resources that are immediately available to you and can direct you to that great summer job.
Classified Ads Do not discount your local newspaper's classified advertising.
Some newspapers have a specific section in their classified ads that is specifically for summer and part time employment.
Check the ads regularly.
Many papers run a special edition, such as a Sunday paper that has a large concentration of classifieds.
Online Employment Sites There are many online employment sites such as Hot Jobs by Yahoo and Monster.
These sites do require registration, but registration is free for both sites.
Both sites also have very easy search engines to help you find just the job that you want, in the area that you want.
There are other sites that are also reputable.
Online Summer Employment Sites There are a few sites that cater specifically to summer jobs.
com and CoolWorks.
com are two of the more popular summer employment sites.
You can log onto these sites and check out dozens of summer jobs that are available for you to apply.
Many of the jobs allow you to apply right online so you don't have to go to a lot of different companies to place your application.
Student Employment Services Your local high school or university probably has a listing of summer and part time jobs and internships for students.
Ask your guidance counselor or academic advisor to see if your school has a job board and an internship program.
They will often give you additional information such as exactly what the employer wants in an employee and the best way to approach an interview.
Some services will even check out your resume before you send it.
Local Department of Labor Your department of labor can be a great resource for employers looking for employees.
Most state DOL offices have their services online and that includes their job seeker services.
Log on and see what they have available.
The DOL services are free to register, but they may have a daily limit on the number of jobs to which you can apply.
In some cities, you still have to go to the DOL office and talk to a counselor face to face, but this resource is honestly one of your best bets for a job.
Local Attractions Do you have an amusement part in your city? Do you have any special attractions that may require a few extra hands during the summer? Go to these places and fill out an application.
Don't close your mind to opportunities.
Does your city have a zoo? A public parks service? A museum? A shopping mall? All of these types of industries tend to hire more people during the summer.
Employment Agencies Employment agencies can be a great help in getting you work.
If you are looking for part time or temporary work, you may want to go with a temporary employment agency, such as Kelly, Spherion and Interim.
There are many temporary agencies, just look in your local phone book or online and give some agencies a call.
For permanent or long term assignments, you may want to go with a regular employment agency.
Snelling & Snelling is one such very reputable employment agency.
Word of Mouth One of the best forms of advertisement is also one of the best ways to find a job - ask around.
Ask your friends, your family and your neighbor.
When you go in your favorite store, ask the clerk or manager if they are hiring.
Then fill out an application.
Don't be afraid to ask people if they know a place that is hiring.
You may be surprised at the leads that you get.
Become an Entrepreneur Starting your own business can be a little scary, but it can be a great source of income if you are looking for part time or summer work.
Mow lawns, walk dogs, take care of children, paint houses or do odd jobs.
Be creative, find something that you enjoy doing and just do it.
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