HR Managers - 4 Ways For Keeping Your Top Talent Motivated and Inspired As an HR Manager

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High performing individuals can become retention risks if they don't feel their contributions are valued and their career growth supported.
Outstanding employees that choose leave the organization in frustration not only reflect badly on their manager -- but also puts your reputation as an HR manager in a negative light as well.
To that end, Here are 5 strategies for keeping your best people motivated, inspired and retained as an HR manager...
Assign the individual to organization-wide special project teams or task forces working on important business issues.
This could be issues such as environmental sustainability, leveraging online social media or other initiatives that are leading edge in your organization.
Working on such issues broadens the perspective beyond the scope of his or her current job.
Examine ways in which the individual's current job can be enriched.
Think about: a.
What specific tasks or responsibilities that would increase the scope or dept of job can be delegated to the employee? b.
What decisions are you making that he/she could make? c.
What innovative projects can you assign to this employee? d.
Could the employee be a coach for junior level people? 3.
Request that the employee develop a back-up successor to enable him/her to move to a new position when one arises.
For the high potential employee without managerial experience, this can begin their development towards building important leadership capabilities and is a clear signal of their high regard.
Assign the individual to train or instruct others.
The opportunity to share their experiences broadly with others can potentially re-ignite their commitment and loyalty to the organization...
at least short term.
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