The Basic Website Content Writing You Need on Your Site

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If you're creating a website for the first time then this is a great opportunity to make sure the website content writing on your site is a good as the design. After all, there's no point paying for a brilliantly designed website if the quality of the writing lets it down. Below is a guide to the basic content you should consider having on your website.


Every website needs a homepage as this is where most visitors will first reach your website. The website content writing on the homepage should be short and to the point as you don't want to bore or baffle your readers with long or in depth copy. Highlight the key benefits of your product or service and include links to the pages you want your visitors to go next.


You need to tell your visitors what it is you can offer them whether that's actual products or if you provide a service. Keep the website content writing on this page very clear and concise and don't be tempted to give too much irrelevant information. Make sure this page has plenty of instructions for your visitors to follow such as 'buy here' or 'find out more here' so you are clearly guiding them towards your checkout.


People rarely buy anything unless they believe there's a good reason for them to part with their money. On the benefits page your website content writing needs to convince your visitors that your product or service is right for them. The benefits page is actually where you sell the product or service as you can encourage your visitors to see how what's on offer will enhance their lives.

About us

Normally, people buy from companies or people they like and the overall tone of your website should be welcoming and friendly enough so that your visitors feel they can trust you. You can increase this trust with a convincing and sincere About Us page. This page is often called a number of different things such as 'Company History' or 'The Team' but it should only be used as a way of adding a human element to your website. You can include a brief company history or background but really the About Us page should be used to enhance your company personality and trustworthiness.

Contact us

This is one of the most important pages on your website, particularly if you sell a service and you need to speak to people direct to quote for a project. Ideally you should include all your contact details on this page as a full address and map will make your company seem more trustworthy to your visitors. Don't forget to include a friendly paragraph or two to encourage people to get in touch.

There you have the basis of a successful website! If you'd like more advice on website content writing or if you'd like to outsource your writing then contact the experts at Pure Ink Creative.
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