Reebok EasyTone - Kelly Brook Leads New Product Range

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Since its eagerly anticipated launch recently the new EasyTone line of footwear from Reebok has been extremely well-received according to reviews circulating the media.
Since the launch, retailers are reported to be having a hard time ordering enough stock to meet customers demands.
Kelly Brook, famous for her enviable curves and 'girl-next-door' image is the face of Reebok EasyTone.
Promoting the range all over the country she unveiled her own billboard in Battersea recently which sees her lying completely naked wearing only a pair of Reebok EasyTone trainers.
The campaign also features video's of Kelly, originally from Kent, at home doing her housework in her EasyTones and skimpy outfits.
Kelly is proud of her body and has credited EasyTones for helping her achieve her much-envied curves.
When interviewed recently Kelly commented 'EasyTones are brilliant, its like having a little gym built into your trainers.
I wear them all the time especially if I don't have time to get to the gym and then at least I know I'm doing something for my body'.
She added 'they make your legs feel toned and bum feel pert, they are like magic shoes! I've been wearing them to tone up for the summer and have really seen a difference, which is why I didn't mind getting my hotpants on for the video'.
Other famous celebrities have been snapped wearing trainers from this range, stars like Helena Christensen, who has herself posed for an advertising campaign wearing only a pair of EasyTone trainers.
The beautiful Miranda Kerr and Kim Kardashian have also expressed their support for this versatile shoe which quite simply gives women everywhere the chance to tighten their bum and legs whilst wearing a pair.
The EasyTone range is aimed at people who are simply too busy to get to the gym or who may not want to indulge in high levels of exercise.
You can just wear them to go for a walk if you want or to take the dog out for a stroll or to do the housework.
Whatever your choice you will find that with every step you'll be toning up your legs and bottom.
The simplicity and ease of this idea of not having to go to a gym to get a more toned body is very appealing to many people, a lot of whom cannot afford a gym membership or don't wish to do high levels of exercise.
Its focus on being footwear for everyday but which still has a beneficial effect is proving very successful.
The fact that you can wear them for exercising at the gym if you want or you can just wear them to walk to work in place of your work shoes.
The message is clear though, if you wear them, every step you take in them will bring benefits and tone and firm up your legs and bum.
Reebok EasyTone trainers which are founded on the benefits of Instability Training that force your muscles to make more of an effort when you walk to encourage toning in the hamstrings and calves (up to 11%) and also in the bottom (up to 28%).
There is an extensive selection available in the EasyTone range, with styles imaginatively named as 'EasyTone Curve', 'EasyTone ReeInspire' and the 'EasyTone Go Outside' to name but a few.
With a huge choice of colours as well as the chance to customise your own footwear, this product ticks all the right boxes.
All the shoes contain the unique patented muscle-toning sole technology and comfort and breathability comes as standard.
The Reebok Footwear giant fully supports human rights and, as a founding member of the Fair Factories Clearinghouse, it is committed to improving conditions for workers across the industry.
In 2004 Reeboks footwear division was one of the first companies to be accredited by the Fair Labour Association.
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