Promotional T-Shirts That Make a Statement

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Promotional T-Shirts have come a long way since their inception.
When designing your next promotion think about a slogan that makes the best statement about your business.
Statements need not be in written form.
The use of logos, drawings and photos give an instant message.
A simple statement might work better than an elaborate one if you have used other promotional tools to get your brand or name out there.
The use of diagrams will come across well if it is a design that means something on sight.
A sailing club might have a picture of a yacht or the golfing shop can have a basic golfer drawn.
Company slogans such as Nike's, 'Just Do It' is a great example of how a few simple words can be associated with your business.
Some organisations such as the Cancer Foundation don't even need a slogan.
The ribbon logo has become widely recognised throughout the world and makes a statement on its own.
It is important to design the T-Shirt for the clientele you are hoping to reach.
It may sound obvious but if you are marketing to an older audience black T-Shirts with bold designs and gothic lettering is not going to be a popular choice.
Getting the design right is half the battle when it comes to promotional wear.
Why use promotional clothing or T-Shirts to promote your business? The main reason is the exposure your logo will be gaining.
T-Shirts are such a recognised code of dress these days and whether you place your logo and message on the front or the back or simply mark the top pocket, your business will be getting noticed.
It is even an item of clothing that can become part of a collector's item so you will be able to sell them easily too.
Some points to think about before taking your idea to the printers: Will the T-Shirts be available for sale? What size market are you trying to reach? What is the age of your market? Do you have a catchy slogan for the back? Is your logo bright and eye-catching? It would also be good to keep in mind the choice of colour of the fabric.
If your logo is black or has dark tones the worst thing you could do is choose a dark coloured T-Shirt where your logo will simply fade into obscurity.
If you are stuck for an idea or maybe you feel it is time your logo needs a make over source independent designers on the web.
Most printers have great on line services and can provide comments and suggestions for logos, designs and slogans.
Be bold, be daring and make a statement about your company or purpose and get exposure.
Getting your name and logo publicity need not be a huge task if it is printed on a T-Shirt worn regularly.
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