The Leading Menswear Brand - Armani

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Armani is ranked as one of the world's leading menswear brands. It is an Italian brand that offers luxury and fashionable clothes for men. It has a huge male following and those who follow it are mainly those who appreciate clean and tailored lines of each collection. The brand was formed in 1975 and in early 2000s it was named as the most successful designer based in Italy. The business earns billions of dollars annually which is a clear indicator that it is highly desirable by men.

Armani is a very innovative brand and tries new things with each of the clothing collection. Armani has also banned those models which have a body mass index of less than 18. This gained the brand some fame and fortune as well. Armani has also promoted itself by associating itself to Hollywood celebrities. One famous celebrity that used Armani fashion is the famous Christian Bale who used Armani clothes and featured in The Dark Knight. Armani has several outlets and stores which make it accessible as well.

The suits that are offered by Armani for men are an example of elegance. It offers some of the most stylish suits for men that can be worn in the modern world. The classic black suits are obviously the most famous and preferred ones as most fashion conscious men buy them. The suit comes with a jacket and pants. It gives a very sophisticated yet powerful look to the man. It is also warm as the entire jacket is lined. It is also comfortable and manageable and gives a sharp look.

Armani also offers amazing pants for men. They have front belt loops and a standard zip. These pants are made of high quality fabric which makes them durable as well. Armani has also produced several watches for men under the brand name. These watches are specially made to go with these suits. It gives an elegant look to the man and accessorizing by adding a classy wristwatch is not a bad idea.

Armani is a very favorable brand for those professionals who require high quality clothing and want to make them look presentable in front of the elite men. Armani offers several professional clothes which are perfect to wear in a work environment. It is very important to look impressive in today's world. Confidence can only come if the man trusts himself and that comes by wearing clothes which make you look smart and handsome.
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