How Integration of Live Chat Service Impacts Your Business?

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Live chat offers customers a way to act with the company on real time basis. Despite of the fact that this technology is available for so many years many companies have not given a serious thought about integrating live chat service into their website. Customers nowadays do not really wait for long on a website. They want instant response and immediate solutions to their problems or concerns. The addition of human touch to support has become need of the hour. Here are some realistic improvements that you can expect once you have successfully integrated live chat support into your website.

Cost of Doing Business

The cost of acquiring new customers is increasing and the margins have been sliding down because of increased level of competition. Customers nowadays go to internet to search for a product. They want to buy online because it is convenient and cost effective for them. Businesses are already fighting their way to minimize cost of doing business. Live chat support is very cost effective way to reduce expenses yet still being impactful in offering better customer care. Economies around the world are struggling with interests at the lowest just to boost consumer demand. Low customer confidence and less-than-optimal demand for products directly impacts businesses. Entrepreneurs can go for a full-fledged live chat solution which includes software and support representative or opt for software and depute their own staff at the back end instead.

Proactive Customer Management

There is nothing better than being able to continuously monitor customers on real time basis coming onto your website. Live chat software empowers you to proactively engage in conversations with customers. You would be able to handle their complaints, answer their queries and get back to them to have their issues resolved before they vent out their anger on social media networks or other discussion forums online.

Increased Sales

Researches by different institutes and bodies have shown that the amount of sales increases significantly by integrating live chat. Imagine two different scenarios for a customer visiting two different websites selling the same type of products or services. The customer visits Website A and finds the products or services that he wants to purchase. He wishes to ask few questions before the purchase but there is no way to ask as the website isn't offering any live chat support. He may try to find €Contact Us€ page and send an email but for that he will have to wait for indefinite amount of time. The customer then visits Website B to find the same products or services. He still has the questions about the product or service he is interested in. The Website B has live chat support where he can engage the customer service representative to get answers to all questions and may eventually go for the buying decision.

Treasure Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is the key to many aspects of doing business. A company cannot determine its most successful products, the true value that customer service is adding to the process of sales or the success or failure of its new launches without customer feedback. Modern live chat software provides the option to save transcripts of chats between customer service representatives and customers using which companies can learn about level of product knowledge attained by support staff, common worries to tackle and can also build rebuttals or canned messages to quickly get all problems resolved.

Analytic s Reporting

Business intelligence forms an integral part of surviving competition and thriving. Comprehensive live chat solutions also include analytic s reporting. These reports provide wealth of information in profiling web traffic received and accordingly reshape the products or services offered. One important part of this reporting is real time traffic analysis. A live chat support representative can track a website visitor on real time basis to know which page they are browsing and engage them as per their product or service preference to significantly increase chances of closing sales. Similarly, if your company's website is receiving significant amount of traffic from a region with different language you might consider adding live chat support for that particular language or may wish to translate your website's content to make the audience understand about your offerings.

Tips To Finding Best Live Chat Solution

€ Cost is not the only measure, do compare features.
€ A lot of companies claim to provide best live chat solution but you need to think objectively.
€ Make sure if you need multilingual support or else you might lose a lot of business from a region speaking other language.
€ Make sure to carefully study the fine print of terms and conditions before subscribing for an entire year or six months.
€ Also go online to get read reviews about the service that you are opting for and visit their website to ask all questions you have before making the final decision.
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