How to Sell More With Powerful Communication

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I think many people who enter the world of selling often fail to understand that the whole concept of selling is not about persuading a prospect to make a purchase.
In fact the worst type of sales person is the one who keeps imposing their idea without listening properly to the prospect or customer.
A more experienced and highly skilled sales person knows that it's all about being an effective COMMUNICATOR.
So what do we need to do to increase our ability to communicate with customers? Well a lot of the techniques should come naturally to us but some will need to be practiced and fine-tuned in order to maximise our selling capabilities.
Clear Communication You may not be very aware of this but when you speak or write to people, you are often "misunderstood!" The person on the receiving end of your communication doesn't completely understand what you are trying to communicate.
One of the main reasons for this is because your information is often "inarticulate" and confusing.
Language Style Everybody uses their own type of language with their own favourite words and when you sell you need to be very conscious of this.
If you want to exploit the use of language when selling it's a great idea to collect words that fit your product or service.
Keep a list of them and learn some new words every week.
Believe me it will bring you more advantages than you would imagine.
People will see you as an authority in your field and this will allow people to trust you more.
When people see you as the trusted authority they will be much happier to buy from you.
Pitching 1,2,3 I came up with this idea a few years ago when I was coaching some people in the telesales industry but it can be used in pretty much any type of selling, including copywriting and sales letter writing.
The idea is to break each part of your presentation into different sections and to put them in a consequential order.
This will help people to understand what you are offering in a much clearer way.
One of the reasons this is important is the fact that our own knowledge can sometimes be very detrimental to the sales process.
For example, if you sell digital cameras you will constantly be exposed to information about all the different models with all their different advantages and disadvantages.
This is perfectly fine until you start talking to customers on "auto pilot" When you are in auto pilot mode you start using all the internal jargon that sales people use when talking to each other.
As well this you start to assume that the customer has the same level of understanding that you have.
Well most of the time you will find that they don't have this knowledge and if you speak this way you will just confuse them with too much jumbled information.
Therefore putting your presentation into smaller, orderly chunks will make everything clearer and easier to absorb.
NLP Can Increase Sales There's nothing new about the idea of using NLP in sales but only a minority of sales people know how to use it to their advantage.
The reason for this is that only a few sellers are prepared to study these techniques and adopt the ones that work best for them.
Here are few ways that NLP can help you sell more: • Mirroring - Copying the type of language and expressions used by the prospect • Repetition- Using the same deliberate words over and over again throughout the sales presentation.
A clever way to do this would be to "coin a new phrase" that will start to feel natural to the prospect after repeating it many times.
• Pace & Tone- Here again you mirror the customer, but you focus more on the pace of their speech and the tone of their voice.
If a person has a jolly and quicker way of speaking, matching them can create instant harmony, without them realising what you are consciously doing.
• Pattern Interrupt- This is a technique where the sales person starts the conversation with something shocking or unconventional that takes the prospect out of their day to day "regular expected pattern of thought" I used to use this technique when I worked with the Marriott Vacation Club.
I would call the customer and start the conversation talking about something funny and completely different from what they were expecting.
I would then change the course of the conversation towards the timeshare and they would be much more receptive than if I hadn't used this "pattern interrupt" technique.
So like many other NLP selling methods, it really does work if applied properly with the correct timing.
So I hope you now realise the importance of being a great communicator as a pose to being a great sales person.
There is a huge difference between these two concepts and once you grasp it, sales will start to grow.
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