Radio Flyer Classic Product Review - The Retro Trike For All Ages?

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The Radio Flyer Classic truly is a big one - classic that is! With its fully retro design, faithfully reproduced down to the smallest detail, the cherry red, rubber wheeled Radio Flyer Classic tricycle is an undisputed classic.
Apparently they do still make them like they used to! The trike features a chrome front fender, a double deck step at the back helping kids to climb onto the smooth seat in no time at all.
There are also red and white tassles on the rubber coated handlebars, a 12" high stell spoked wheel and even an old fashioned bell.
Yes this is the classic Radio Flyer Classic virtually unchanged from its original design.
That's why it made it into our Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas.
But being of a classic retro design does mean that its styling has not changed substantially or improved greatly since the 1950's.
If I am asked if there are any issues with the Radio Flyer Classic, I would say yes there are a few, but being forewarned gives you the opportunity to deal with them before they become major problems.
We had originally bought the Radio Flyer Classic for our son for his second birthday and Christmas present (he was born on Christmas Eve).
The bike when we we were researching them, was described as being suitable for children from the ages of 2.
Our son, like his father is very tall.
In fact at the time, he was on the 98th percentile for his height.
However, when he got on and tried to extend his legs to turn the wheels, he couldn't - they just weren't long enough.
Also when he sat on the Radio tricycle, he was right on the tips of his tippy toes that we felt wasn't ideal either.
So for two months or so, my son used his Radio Flyer Classic as a pretend motorbike.
He stood in front of it ringing the bell - which by the way, is one of the coolest sounding bike and trike bells that we have ever heard.
He also had a ball playing with the streamers on the handlebars as well as sitting on the back step saying 'vroom, vroom' pretending he was going super dooper fast.
Though I'm sure the health and safety conscious amongst us won't approve, but our daughter loved standing on the back step holding tightly onto her brother as he carefully cycled around the garden.
I know that steps like this have been eliminated on modern trikes, but personally, this is where I think the health and safety police have gone a little mad.
If you had the giggles and laughter that came from those two riding around.
The only other small issue that my son encountered with Radio Flyer Classic was that as he sat so high on the trike, he sometimes tipped over when making a turn too quickly or coming off a sidewalk or pavement edge that sloped for access.
This was because the front wheel was small and thin.
Both my son and I soon realized this and made the necessary allowances and adjustments in his riding style.
Because we knew what to expect, we didn't have the same issues with our daughter when the Radio Flyer Classic was passed down to her.
So even with the above concerns I absolutely love the Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle but would recommend it from 21/2 - 3 years of age.
Seeing our sons face on Christmas Day when he walked into the room was priceless.
The joy that both he and his sister have got from riding and playing with it for so many years has meant that this was probably the best value present that we have ever bought for our children.
In these days of belt tightening, that's something to bear in mind.
It still looks cool and trendy, but most importantly, it's still fun.
If only they made adult sized Radio Flyer Classic Tricycles...
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