Engagement Rings: Finding The Perfect Shape

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Getting ready to get down on one knee and make a lifelong commitment to the woman you love is a magical moment in any man's life however getting all the finer details sorted so that everything is perfect is no easy task.
There are numerous factors to consider but we can all agree that getting the perfect engagement ring is probably one of the most important.
Whether you have a rough idea or are absolutely clueless, if you know that now is the time to propose to the woman you love then it is important to start shopping around and getting a good idea of what options are available if you are ever to present a ring that she just can't say no too.
From clarity to carat, choosing the right engagement ring requires a lot of patience and a good amount of knowhow but before you even get there you will need to first decide on the shape that us right for you.
Since their introduction, the number of shapes and cuts of diamond rings available have grown tremendously; from classic to modern, the options really are endless so if you're looking for the perfect engagement ring getting the right shape is one of the first boxes you will need to cross off.
Not sure what is available? My list below includes some of the most popular diamond engagement ring shapes available and will hopefully give you a nudge in the right direction when shopping for yours...
  • Oval Cut- A simple symmetrical design that lengthens the hands, this is the perfect shape for the woman who appreciates classic simplicity at its finest.
  • Marquise Cut- This is a lengthened design with sharper ends that is best when complimented with diamond shoulders, a fitting choice for the lady who prefers a little drama and dazzle.
  • Princess Cut- A classic yet still young enough to be referred to as modern, princess cut engagement rings are incredibly popular.
    An attractive cut this is the ideal choice for the one who prefers a little bit of classic glamour.
  • Pear Cut- Occasionally referred to as the tear drop ring, the Pear is deemed one of the most glamorous shapes and rightfully so.
    For that added touch of extra sparkle you can opt for a Pear ring with diamond shoulders which will be the perfect choice for the girl who loves her sparkle!
The above are just a few of the options available but whatever you choose from consider not only the preference of your significant other but whether or not the ring in question will compliment her hand.
Although just one aspect of the buying process, getting to grips with the perfect shape is important when buying an engagement ring.
Take your time and research your available options to ensure that you make the decision because that ring will stay on her finger for life!
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