Hp Lp3065 & Dell G2410Offer Energy Conscious Interface And Stellar Performance.

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Until couple of years ago, the most enjoyable way to watch a movie, while maintaining the original intention, was to go to a movie theater. Now, the televisions have moderately compact screens and lower quality speakers. However, many people are turning their ordinary televisions into a home theater. The advances in technology have given the consumers with plenty of choices for more home theater systems. It is an entirely different game now as Home theater technology has significantly advanced, including Blu-ray players, high definition satellite television systems, digital surround sound, DLP LCD and plasma TVs. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) televisions are basically television sets, which use LCD technology for producing images. These televisions are lighter and thinner as compared to CRTs of similar display size and are offered in much bigger sizes. In the year 2007, the LCD TVs surpassed sales of CRT based televisions all over the world for the first time. These TVs generate a colored and black image by selectively filtering the white light. The light is normally offered by the series of cold cathode fluorescent lamps on the back of the television. Here are two best selling LCD televisions: HP LP3065 & Dell G2410.

HP LP3065 is a high performance LCD television, which provides fantastic color reproduction, screen height rotation and adjustment, high brightness and wide viewing angles. It also offers stellar performance, but it lacks connection options and adjustment features. One of the exclusive and extensive features found in this model is the super high 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution. The movies look great on the large screen, with its excellent wide viewing angles and color reproduction. It comes with dark gray chassis with dull finish and features vaguely round corners. The bezel measures 0.9 inch long on the right and left sides, and one inch on the bottom and top. At the back of the screen, you will the ventilation system, backlight and connectivity options. The HP LP3065 comes with 3 DVI ports as the standard video connections, and doesnt come with any HDMI connection. It would have been better if HP featured onscreen display. The LP3065s screen boasts 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution with 16:10 aspect ratio. Hewlett Packard backs LP3065 with three-year limited labor and parts warranty, which covers the backlight as well.

Dell G2410 provides all round stellar performance at an affordable price along with intuitively designed onscreen display and unique energy consumption options. It also provides energy conscious interface and outstanding performance at an affordable price. The G2410 is available for the price of $299 and comes with 24-inch TN screen with low power consumption and stellar performance. The high resolution 24-inch display is plainly designed with black matte finish and angular features. The bezel measures 0.75 inch long on all sides, while on the back of the screen, you will ventilation system, backlight and connection options. Standard features on Dell include 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and contrast ratio of 1,000:1. Overall, both models are considered as some of the ultimate televisions in the market that offer plethora of features and options.
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