Dig Deep, Than Dig Deeper: Boston T-shirt Marketing to a Niche Within a Niche

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With the rise of technology it has made it that much easier to become successful online. It also allowed all the bad apples to become successful as well. Those who educate themselves and continuously stay up to date on latest marketing trends will prosper. Those who don't well they will end up on Monster.com.

I am not sure why people choose to reinvent the wheel. There is no room for reinventing the wheel these days. Do you know how many people I speak with that have decided to start a social networking site? Why? MySpace and Facebook are not going out of business any time soon so you better bring a few truckloads of venture capitalist funding with you and truly smart programmers to not just bring them down but only to catch up. Marketing a niche within a niche seems to be the way to go. Boston Knucklehead, a Boston themed t-shirt company has done just that. Focusing on a city and then a specific group with in that city is exactly what it will take for new upcoming online businesses to succeed.

There is too much noise online these days and targeting a national brand takes a great deal of time and money. Finding a niche that you have a commonality with is a great starting point. Finding a niche that doesn't have much competition is even better. They are still out there you just have to look. Take a hobby for example; some of the best businesses have started from marketing to obscure hobbies. Finding a group of people that enjoy doing something that is not completely mainstream and market a product to them and I bet you will see movement. Any movement these days is great with the amount of competitors targeting any given audience. If done correctly niche marketing can be very powerful business choice. Take marketing to sports fans in the city of Boston. Now you take that group and target those fans that enjoy fashion and street wear and you have just found yourself niche within a niche that could blossom. Boston Knucklehead takes this approach and targets a few niches within the Boston sports fan community.

By doing this they can allow themselves to take many different marketing approaches and target a handful of audiences within an audience. It allows Boston Knucklehead to keep their options open as much and as wide as possible while offering Boston based clothing that fits into vastly different audiences that all enjoy one product. This is not an easy defeat. Although you are dealing with greatly different audiences within one target there have to be aspects that appeal to both masses in order for this type of marketing to succeed. Something simple like t-shirts takes a well thought out plan. With the economy slowly crumbling all audiences will keep a watchful eye on where they spend their hard earned dollars. If you are going to start online business do your homework and take a look around you and see how many others are already doing it. The last thing you want to do is sit there and only spin your wheels. Find a unique niche and open it up.
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