Opt In Email List - Do" s And Don"ts

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An Opt in email list is an important part of a solid email marketing plan. The list is a database that includes the emails and names of the subscribers. The important thing is that the list does not include spams, as every entry is made after getting the permission from the subscriber. These are the people who want to receive updates and news from you in their inbox. Developing such a list is not an easy task at all, but you can certainly take much pain out of the proceedings by keeping the following do's and don'ts in mind:

Things That You Should Do:

Let me first give you a brief insight into the things that you must do in order to develop a good Opt in email list.

The placement of the subscription forms matters a lot. Make sure that you have placed this form at a location that is easily accessible by the visitors of your website. By misplacing this form, you will only be checking the patience of your potential subscribers, which has usually negative outcomes.

You must have your own subscription form that is fully customized to match the design and requirements of your site. In order to ensure good results in this regard, you are recommended to use an efficient script builder software program. Such programs will help you develop an Opt in email list in the most efficient manner.

What is more, it is always a great idea to add your subscription opt-in in your email signatures. This way, you will be providing the readers with an easy way to directly access your website in order to subscribe.

You can also include the subscription opt-in links in your business cards.

Permission is very important. Do not try to get the email address of your visitor through false means. The best way is to directly ask them if they would like to subscribe.

The place where you are asking for the potential subscriber's permission must also include a short but impressive description of the various benefits of getting into an Opt in email list.

It is also a good idea to mention how often the subscribers will be getting an email from you.

Use an auto-responder email so that whenever a new subscriber opts in for the same, you could thank and welcome them.

Things That You Should Not Do:

Following are some of the things that you should avoid at all costs.

You should never add an email address into the Opt in email list without permission.

If you are purchasing such a list, make sure that all the emails are permission-based.

What is more, you should also not do any such thing that abuses a subscriber's trust. A huge must is to make sure you are not breaking any anti spam laws.

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