How to Repackage an Item for a Different Purpose

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If you have created some products and you want to re-purpose the material that you have already made then you will find this article helpful.
I'm going to discuss some of the ways that you can repackage an item and use it for a different purpose.
I shall be discussing information products but you can use some of these ideas for many other types of products as well.
Bonus items You can use parts of your product as bonuses for other products.
One way that you can do this that doesn't involve you creating any further products is to find a good quality product that already exists online that your particular bonus would suit.
Your bonus must add value to the existing product.
Make sure that you can promote this product as an affiliate so that you will earn commission and when you promote it add your bonus as an extra incentive for people to purchase.
Free gifts Take an excerpt of one of your products and turn it into a free gift that you can use as an incentive for people to sign up to your email campaign.
Kindle books Again take a part of an existing product and turn that into a Kindle book that you can use to not only make money but also as a means of adding people to your email list.
You would do this by having a link in the Kindle book for people to click on to download additional helpful information and in order to receive it they would need to sign up to your list.
Continuity program Divide your existing products into weekly lessons for example, and then repackage that product as a continuity program.
This means that people will receive one lesson every week or one lesson each month depending on how often you have stated they will receive information while they are in your program.
You would send the weekly lessons out to your customers via email.
Membership site You could create a membership site and add fresh content to that site every week or month.
This content would be parts of your product that you have already created.
Coaching program You could use your existing products and turn it into a coaching program where you again split up the information into suitable lessons.
You could then send out a new lesson each week and then coach your clients and discuss that particular lesson.
Your coaching could be via email, Skype, webinars, or any other means that suits you best.
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