MLM Spillover - Is Spillover a Real Benefit Or Just Hype?

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Spillover is a concept often used to get people excited about joining the latest, greatest "best MLM opportunity".
It creates visions of relaxing in the backyard or taking exotic vacations while your upline puts more people in your MLM (Multi Level Marketing) network...
building massive residual income checks.
But is spillover for real or is it all just hype? What is spillover? Spillover is a concept related to forced matrix MLM business structures where you can only sponsor some number of people on the first level below you.
Once you fill your first level, any additional people you sponsor are placed below someone on your first level.
In the same manner, once your upline sponsor fills his first level, some portion of additional recruits he sponsors spills over and is placed under you.
If you have an active recruiter in your upline, then spillover is definitely a valuable, desirable feature.
Spillover not only leverages your own recruiting efforts and increases your cash flow, but it also provides a great incentive or motivation to get people to join and to keep people in the program.
So, obviously, in this situation, spillover is not just hype.
So, how could anyone question the value of spillover? The answer to this question lies in one of the fundamental problems of MLM opportunities...
recruiting is not easy.
You have to apply yourself and take action.
If everyone sits back and lets their upline do all the work, spillover gets diluted and nothing happens.
For example, if you are in a 3x4 (i.
, "3 by 4") forced matrix (which means you can sponsor 3 people on your first level and you get compensated for the sales of 4 levels below you), when you sponsor 4 people, then you fill your first level, and one person on your first level gets one person as spillover.
For everyone to get one person of spillover, you would have to recruit 3 on your first level and 3 more as spillover.
However, to spillover someone to your third level, you would have sponsor 13 people (3 for level one, 12 to fill level two, and then at least one to spillover to level three).
So, you can see "your" spillover is weaker for people on your second level.
This is why spillover works best if you only join the best MLM opportunities you can find and only when you get as close to the first level under a heavy recruiter as possible.
Of course, everyone is supposed to try to build their own network making spillover just an added benefit; great when it happens, but not the sole key to your MLM business opportunity success plan.
In conclusion, spillover in MLM business opportunities is not just hype, but it's not a panacea either.
You should look for it as a key feature in the best MLM business opportunities, but to reap the maximum benefit of spillover, you need to position yourself directly under an experienced recruiter that has a track record of successful MLM marketing.
And of course, you should plan to carry your own weight and strive to build your network yourself.
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