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Converting web site visits into sales is the ultimate goal of e-commerce. Anything that improves the visit-to-sales conversion rate calls for a further look. Sometimes this means adopting new technology before it is entirely proven -- and also before the competition.

Everybody likes good video. This is amply demonstrated by the recent success of video sharing web sites. With advances in high bandwidth and mass storage, barriers to video on the net were broken; it followed that live video feeds were quickly adopted for marketing purposes.

The next step was creating a "live" onscreen helper to assist visitors in navigating the site and helping answer questions and locate the right products or services. Often this wasn't live at all but an automated system to play an appropriate short "canned" video. To be less obvious, a promotion using automated avatars was created to look less stilted, but it was not the best of options.

If you are considering using a video salesperson for increased impact and sales on your website, why not have a real person rather than one that is computer generated? While avatars may be a less expensive route, sale research shows that no matter the sophistication level of it, a real person video for website success is more likely.

The closer an avatar video is to a consumer's psyche, the more are the chances of people relating to it. In other words, the closer is an advertisement to a consumer's life; the greater are the chances of that consumer procuring the product. In a nutshell, human beings trust human beings.

It makes even more sense to use a person recorded with live HD video to help promote the website. HD broadcasting makes anyone look more accessible to a potential customer, and helps to spread the intended message that real people are working are real customers. This is advertising money well spent.

Online marketers can now choose between using avatars or live people. Although SitePal avatars may be cute, human beings on HD video leave quite an impression on others. Precious money can either be used for a cheap avatar, or higher results can be returned using people.

What is typical and mediocre gets mediocre sales. Being willing to stand out can make your sales soar and you will stand out as a more profitably e-business. Getting an HD video person for website leaders is a no-brainer, and more and more marketers are taking notice.
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