U.s. Spot Market Demand For Magnesium Increase The Delay

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U.S. pure magnesium prices remain stable,titanium dioxide price, spot market purchases are not positive. Most end-consumer purchases provider basically stable and not showing any signs of increased demand for the traditional peak season.

One trader said: "To tell the truth,optical coating, demand does not increase the number of expected first-quarter prices will be maintained. Market peak season demand growth does not appear,titanium dioxide msds, but most of the world market volume relaxation, positive market purchases."

U.S. spot price of pure magnesium stable at 2.2-2.35 USD / lb.

Aluminum and die casting industries are ordered in long single-mode magnesium needed this year, watching the spot market of consumer sentiment strong, getting goods rely on a long single stable demand flat.

The performance of automobile industry has been good end, but traders also cautioned the Japanese automotive industry led to production of the earthquake will occur and thus affect the terminal market of raw materials.

Have now reported that, due to the Japanese auto parts maker because of the devastating earthquake and tsunami are facing supply disruptions, many American die casting industry have been forced to cut production.

The North American Die Casting Association, also said production was not significantly reduced, there are about 10% of the die-casting business be affected.

GM, Ford, Honda, Nissan and other auto manufacturers have announced production affected.

According to analysts, the next few months, more car companies will disclose the reduced production due to inventory reduction.

Toyota said this week its North American manufacturers will also be interrupted due to lack of supply of production,titanium dioxide, but will be hard to determine which plant. Source: http://www.mhcocm.com
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