Ultra Wealthy Principles and Online Home Businesses

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Why are some people rich and able to retain their wealth, while others cannot get ahead? It is the way of thinking that separates the successful from the not so successful.
You achieve your goals of making more money and creating lasting wealth by developing a wealthy mindset.
There are a number of key wealth principles that will positively affect your financial outcome, should you choose to incorporate them into your life.
The key wealth principle I will cover in this article is that the rich play the money game to win, but the poor play to not lose.
The goal of the rich is to have abundance.
The goal of the poor is to have enough money to pay their bills.
This principle is really about intention.
What are you intentional about? What you are intentional about is what you will receive, whether it is good or negative.
When you are intentional about an issue, like making money, you become focused on that objective.
Once you are focused, you put thought behind it, drive, purpose, motivation and heart behind it.
That is when you begin to reach your goal because your heart, mind and actions are congruent with your intentions.
As an exercise to show that you are intentional about creating abundance, write down a financial objective with a realistic time frame.
From that objective, write down an action plan of the necessary steps it will take for you to reach that financial goal.
Stay intentional with your action plan and you will reach your objective!
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