Equine Business Marketing You Can Do For Free

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As an equine business owner, you have many topics on your mind, including providing for employees, taking care of your horses, taxes, equine web design, and, of course, marketing.
And like any other business owner, you need to keep marketing expenses down.
That's why it is a good thing that there are many free things that you can do to promote and market your business without a great deal of expense.
Perhaps the best free way to market your business is to rely on your current customers.
They wouldn't be current customers if they weren't pleased with your service.
The next time you contact them, either by phone or written communication, simply ask them for referrals.
Politely ask if they could pass your name on to others who would enjoy your services.
Often, people would love to help, but they are unaware that there is anything that they can do.
By letting them know that you would appreciate a kind word to their friends, you can steer them in the right direction and strengthen your bond with them as well.
Don't forget to refer yourself as well! Many business owners hesitate to discuss their business in social situations for fear of dominating the conversation.
But this idea isn't always correct.
After all, you think your business is interesting, so why assume that others won't? Begin by sharing an interesting or funny story about your day.
Chances are, they will ask questions and you will have an opportunity to tell even more about your equine business.
If they seem uninterested, you can then change the subject, but at least give them the opportunity to comment first.
Once acquaintances begin asking questions, take steps to ensure they have the information they need to become customers.
Offer to call them later to follow up.
Hand them your business card.
Refer them to your website.
Keep in mind that many people who don't accept an offer of a follow-up phone call will refer to your website on their own, so make sure that your equine web design is top-notch.
It is your first chance to make a good impression.
If your website is unprofessional or uninformative, you may never get the chance to convert them into a customer.
Above all, smile often and convey your excitement about your choice to pursue an equine business.
You have chosen an exciting and fascinating field, and this is your opportunity to encourage and educate others.
Assume that each person you meet is a potential customer, no matter what their station in life is, and treat them with respect and friendliness.
In this way, you will build of network of excited, enthusiastic customers without breaking your marketing budget.
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