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We can not simply do without faxes.
We need to send and receive them to promote our business, and also to further our many interests.
Earlier, we depended on the traditional fax machines for the purpose of sending and receiving a fax.
But, now we receive fax over Internet.
This has proved to be a blessing of sorts in many ways.
Sending or receiving faxes over Internet may be termed as Internet faxing.
Let us see how this Internet faxing works.
The customer is required to subscribe to an Internet Fax service.
Once he is through, the service provider gives him a unique fax number.
This is basically the address at which other individuals send their faxes.
The subscriber is able to receive the fax messages as an email.
However, for this he needs to create an email account with the domain of service provider.
This system is quite identical to any normal electronic mail.
If an individual wants to send a fax message then that individual has to type the message in the text space of the electronic mail, and then press the button send.
The mail is addressed to the receiver in the form "fax number@serviceprovider's name.
" The message sent goes to the service provider's network based server.
It is then converted into an appropriate file format before sending it to the recipientÂ's mail box.
This is known an e-fax.
It is basically a new application, and needs some supplemental software and hardware components installations.
However, some of the service providers offer their services free of cost.
Many people undertake the free service, and if they are not satisfied with the quality of the service, they switch off to some other service.
There are other service providers which charge a nominal fee for their service.
Such services are flexible and superior in quality.
No matter where you are in this world, you can receive fax over Internet easily and instantly, in the process, eliminating the time and cost barriers.
Internet faxing is an immediate technology that is bridging the gap between the web-based communication, and traditional fax machines.
With Internet faxing, you can easily receive fax over Internet.
You can also send a large number of fax messages with much ease.
Welcome to the new world!
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