60th Anniversary Promotion Ideas

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    Focus on the Significance

    • Before launching any anniversary campaign, determine why that anniversary is important. Is the 60th year in business marking a huge milestone or is it simply a way to celebrate your company's birthday? The significance will play into how long you plan to celebrate this anniversary. Some companies will run the anniversary celebration to correspond with the number of years in business. For example, a 60th anniversary celebration might run for 60 days.

    Campaign Ideas

    • Tying products and services to the anniversary promotes both your business and the significance of the date. For example, if you are a bank promoting your 60th anniversary, you could create a campaign around a 60-month CD at a rate of 6.0 percent.

      Other ways you could promote your 60th anniversary include:

      * Employee contests where you could run an internal sales contest for 60 days.
      * Featuring food days in which you offer a different snack to your customers for 60 days.
      * Ask your customers to participate in a contest where they have to name 60 places they find your logo in your lobby.
      * Running a website contest where you offer a special 60 percent discount on items purchased online or allow customers to download that coupon and bring it into one of your locations.
      * Throw a 60th birthday party on the day you opened your doors. Get a cake and decorate your office for a birthday party. Get creative by offering goodie bags to customers and special door prizes. Some companies will invite a local radio station to do a live remote for extra media coverage.


    • Promoting your 60th anniversary is almost important as the campaign. You will need to reach a targeted audience of customers while attempting to attract new business. There are many communication channels to consider including:

      * Direct mail: Send a postcard, letter or mailer to both prospects and existing customers. You will want to feature the reason for the celebration and your main promotion in the piece.
      * TV and radio: This is a fun way to promote a birthday party event.
      * Newspaper: Ads should feature your main promotion.
      * Fliers: Fliers and handouts can be used in your office or given to outside sales people to pass out when they are making calls.
      * Employee contests: Involving your employees will engage them and heighten their interest in your anniversary.
      * Customer contests: People love giveaways and fun ways to participate in your anniversary.
      * E-marketing: Always a cost saving, targeted method for promotion. You can send e-mail blasts to on-line banner ads.
      * Billboards: Reach the masses on a busy highway.
      * Social media networking: One of the newest and hottest ways to promote a business. Visit YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

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