Examples Of Email Etiquette

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Email is much like a mirror that reflects the personality and character of the person sending it. People get an impression of who you really are by the way that you express yourself either in speaking or in writing. But most of the time - because of carelessness and poor email etiquette - writers find themselves judged wrongly for a single mistake.
Through experience and observation, the pioneers in the field of email technology have informally gathered a series of effective methodologies that have been proven to produce good results. Although the list is constantly evolving due to the constant change of technology, these methods are popularly known today as email etiquette. These guidelines have greatly helped us in improving the quality of our email and our reputation. Email etiquette is considered a brand of netiquette - a set of rules that govern proper manners and behaviour on the Internet.
One of the most common examples of email etiquette is properly formatting your email. As the starting point of all emails is the subject line, its a common practice nowadays to include the expected due date within your subject line. Set the expectation between you and your recipient on the desired response time.
In formatting your email, it is advisable to use the CC field for the people other than your main recipient, who need to receive the information in your email.
Email etiquette dictates that one must consider writing in a friendly and professional tone. Always be wary about your tone when you are angry and upset. Also, its important to note that delivering sensitive issues such as a reprimand through email is not recommended. Rather, a personal call would be appropriate for that situation. Using negative words in your email can actually sound graver as compared to saying it. Therefore, be completely sensitive about using negative words in your email. Positive words on the other hand, have always been attributed to email etiquette.
As far as email content is concerned, it is recommended to limit your topic to one per email. Injecting multiple topics can be long and confusing. Try not to introduce a particular topic within a topic. Be straightforward and stick to the main point. But if long emails are unavoidable, try to segment the topics carefully and use bullet points to emphasize the priority of your points. Lastly, before you click the Send button, take some time to use a spam tool to ensure that your email will be sent properly. There are many spam tools available today that you can use for free. Email etiquette is simple and can be easily learned. The question is are you willing to learn?
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