The Average Business Salaries

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    • The biggest factor in determining business salary is the type of job. In general, management jobs pay more than staff positions because of increased responsibility for subordinates. For example, according to the PayScale report as of June 2010, a staff account responsible for the books averages $37,051 to $49,301 per year. An operations manager responsible for the running of a business makes $44,386 to $70,807. And a financial controller responsible for the financial well-being of an entire company makes $58,637 to $94,334.


    • The greater the experience, the higher the salary. New business employees start with a median annual salary of $38,406. Those with one to four years of experience make $42,429, while those with five to nine years earn $52,631. Finally, those with 10 to 19 years get $66,119, while those with 20 or more years receive $76,771.


    • An education can make a difference in pay. For example, a retail store manager with a high school diploma earns $30,478 to $45,539 annually. With an associate degree in business, salary reaches $31,652 to $51,318, and with a bachelor's degree in business administration, compensation ranges from $34,391 to $53,884. Note, however, that someone with no degree can have a much wider range of salary at $33,364 to $59,065 depending in part on how much effort he exerts.


    • The type of employer can affect income, with those working for foundations and trusts earning the most at an average oof $57,950 per year, followed by those in private companies at $54,952. The federal government pays $53,749, while state and local jurisdictions give $51,212. Those who are self-employed get $45,200, while those in hospitals make $51,624. Finally, those in colleges and universities receive $43,643, compared with those in school districts at $39,848.


    • Location can play a part in compensation. New York City leads with a median salary of $62,413 per year, followed by Dallas at $60,193. Those in Chicago get $56,736, while those in Seattle make $54,192. As for states, California leads with $62,109, followed by New York at $57,225. Those in Illinois receive $52,939, while those in Michigan earn $53,088.

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