Knowing More About The Collection Of Oris Watches

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Oris is a Swiss luxury wristwatch maker. It is a company that is in the industry for over 100 years. The watchmaker has created a niche in the industry and has become popular mainly for producing mechanical movements. You can find a mechanical movement right at the heart of each of the Oris watches. There is also a red rotor visible at the center of the timepieces. This red rotor is the identification of Oris High-Mech. It is in fact the innovation of this rotor that enabled the development of automatic movements. So, hand-winding technology is no more used while manufacturing Oris timepieces.
However, these watches have become very popular in the market nowadays. You can find a lot of celebrities wearing them. The company even has a connection with Hollywood. This means you can spot out a number of Hollywood stars on and off screen with these accessories on their wrists. Oris watches have been featured in a number of TV programmes and films. They appeared in The Sopranos, a popular HBP drama series. Keanu Reeves in Constantine wore the Modern Classic model of the brand. Meg Ryan in Kate and Leopold also wore a timepiece from the same brand. Sam Neill in Jurassic Park III also wore an Oris watch.
The brand mainly manufactures four categories of Oris watches namely Diving, Aviation, Motor Sport and Culture and each of the timepieces in the collections is equipped with a superlative mechanical movement. So, no matter what model you choose you can be assured to get the highest quality and state-of-the-art timepiece with Oris.
Now, let us read about the different categories of timepieces available with this brand and their connections with celebrities. When it comes to diving, it must be noted that this collection of watch is manufactured with the assistance of skilled and expert divers. It is only with their proficiency that the company can and has been able to make technical watches with a universal appeal. You can find a seal of approval from Carlos Coste, world famous diver, in each of the Diving timepieces. There are other divers too who had their contributions in making these stylish and functional accessories.

As far as Motor Sport collection is concerned, the brand has long history of being influenced by Formula One. Last year in 2011 it was the official watch partner of AT&T Williams Formula One team for its eight season. The logo of the brand was prominent everywhere--on the left sleeves of the team members uniforms, end plates of the cars, and gloves of the drivers.
However, the aviation collection Oris watches has hit the industry since 1940s. It is the Air Force pilots who are engaged and involved in designing, testing and creating unique aviation timepieces. The name of Don Vito Wypraechtiger must be mentioned here as he has helped in designing many aviation models including the BC3 collection.
A long line of Oris watches has also been launched dedicating the jazz artists like Andy Sheppard, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and Charlie Parker.
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