Online Marketing Solutions That Turn Customers Into Repeat Customers

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Getting new customers is one of your goals business.
But what about after you get that new customer? What's next? Forget about them and go after the next new customer? And then the next? Now of course you need to keep a steady stream of new business flowing through the doors, but if you do not have a plan to keep your existing customers then your business is nothing more than a revolving door.
And when the day comes - a slow down in your industry, a new trend, a fad, or even a complete shift in the industry - that leaves you with little or no new business (it can and does happen), what are you going to do? Go ask your existing or past customers for help? Ask them to buy your stuff again, your other products, or help you launch a completely new product? Why would they help you? A person they bought from once and never heard from again.
They have no allegiance to you.
Even if you never experience a slow down, or worse, the destruction of the market you're in now, you still need to make sure you don't forget about your existing (and past) customers.
They should be a part of your overall business plan.
They should account for part (potentially a large part) of your revenue.
Not sure where to start? Well, here are the 3 big things you must do to ensure your business continues to serve them (your existing and past customers)...
some of the least used (among small business owners), but most lucrative online marketing solutions...
#1: Build a relationship with them.
Saying thanks as they hand their credit card over to you is not the beginning of a relationship.
It's a business transaction.
Relationships last for more than a few minutes.
And all relationships worth having (for both parties) involve more than one meeting.
They require time to develop.
They involve two-way communication.
They involve trust.
For you to build a relationship with your new customers, you need to do all those things.
The best way to start that new relationship is to ask for their information so you can stay in touch.
#2: Get their contact information.
Asking for simple contact information is easy.
And most people are happy to hand it over to you.
There's no need to ask them to complete a full profile.
A simple name and email address will do.
Perhaps a phone number, too.
More than that (mailing address, birthday, etc.
) may be useful to build a relationship, but those details can be obtained later as your relationship grows.
Now, at least, you have a way to stay in touch.
#3: Stay in constant communication.
With a name and email address you can start the relationship.
Send an email the day of their first purchase.
Say "Thank you!" Tell them a little more about you and your business.
Tell them what they can expect from you and your business over the next few months.
Keep it brief about you - make it about them.
No one likes new friends who only care about themselves.
Then on a very regular basis, monthly (at least), weekly (ideally), or even more often send them an email.
Again, make sure it's about them - how they can achieve something great, learn something new, and solve another problem they may have.
Include relevant and useful information and every once and awhile share something about you so they know your business is more than business -- It's a business run by people that are likeable, trustworthy, and interesting.
Do these things and when your customers (and past customers) need or want something you offer...
they'll think you, not your competition.
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