The Swag of Leather Jackets

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Fall is here! The season has changed…and so should your clothes. It is time to leave the denim jackets in your closet and it is time to bring out the structured, neat pieces once more. And yes, the time of yellow and burnt orange leaves has arrived….it is time to frolic outside with your favorite wardrobe for the season!

And what's the best jacket for fall that would make one stand tall? Yes, leather jackets are in and they are your best bet to add more life in spite of the fallen leaves that come your way!

Does it matter if it's black or brown?

However, there has always been that "on-going" debate what is the best color for a leather jacket and it always boils down to black and brown. These two are the most predominant colors in the leather jacket scene.

They say, black is usually the more formal color – this is a classic taste for business men who love mixing business with pleasure. They can wear their black leather jackets with their dressier denims and pin striped pants. This black leather jacket would surely bring out the debonair in every man. Black leather jackets can be paired with white, black or grey.

Whereas, the brown leather jackets scream casual – a mens brown leather jacket is for men who love earth tones on them. This is the type of jacket that sells to men who are laidback and those who love the touch of vintage. This brown leather jacket would surely blend well with the color of fall…and it does work well with that equally famous corduroy pants. A patterned scarf would also add more life to this leather jacket.
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