Is it Wise to Hire a Webmaster to Build Your Site?

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What is a webmaster? A webmaster is a professional who is hired to build a website.
So, are webmasters necessary? Actually, no! With all of the online web editors available, you don't need any HTML knowledge or a webmaster.
You just need to know what templates you like! There are some great web editors out there, which allow beginners to design and create professional websites without having to pay for a webmaster.
Sitecube allows you to design your website, without a webmaster, and also provides hosting.
You can add flash without doing any programming - it is all done for you.
They have over 9,000 fully customizable templates so you can really make your website unique.
You can even add a live spokesperson.
It's a little costly, but it is the perfect web builder for your new dynamic website.
An alternative is Homestead.
The site won't necessarily be as fancy, but you can fully customize it to make it look however you want it to! Synthesite is also a great site.
You can design your website with free unlimited hosting.
All you need to buy is the domain name.
Both of these options do not require the use of a webmaster.
It goes without saying that building the site yourself is a lot cheaper than hiring a professional webmaster.
Webmasters cost around $500, and integrating live spokespeople can cost $1,000.
If you do want to hire a webmaster, you need to budget - you don't want any surprise costs! If you are building a website that involves a lot of programming like MySpace or YouTube, then you will most likely need a webmaster.
Guru and Elance are great places to look for contract programmers, they have thousands from all over the world.
Always remember to be very careful with outsourcing for your webmaster.
Hiring someone online is easy, but also makes it easy for people to scam you.
Make sure you use a reliable website to find your developer.
Make it clear what you're looking for and what your budget and time frame are.
Also, look at work history.
Be sure to make a contract to protect yourself, this ensures you won't get sub-standard work that you have to pay the webmaster for.
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