Internet Marketing Strategies Traffic Is There An Alternative To Google?

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TRAFFIC Is There An Alternative To Google?

The life blood to any internet business is the ability to get people to actually look at your website.. the jargon the industry uses for this is traffic.

Now most traffic is generated via Googles search engine facility and if you have ever implemented a Google Ad words campaign then you know that from Google (if you are willing to pay) you can generate 'highly targeted traffic'.. however recently it appears that Google has been having a cleansing process & has started to ban certain accounts.. most people are perplexed by this as generally an individual is unable to communicate with Google and ask why they have been banned?

So is there an alternative and what is it? There has been talk this year that the content network is the place to be advertising with small text ads or banner ads to aid the promotion and development of your business. So here's a thought, have you ever considered media buying? This is where you put up a Banner ads or several to test and market/ place them across the internet. these can come from various sources and there are companies out there that will do this for you.

Last night I spent almost 2 hours on a webinar with Jonathan Mizel, now he is the king of all media buys and he shared with those present some of his own alternative traffic sources to Google. The key to this was that Jonathan specified that Google is still possibly the best traffic source and that you can get very targeted traffic from their Ad words Advertising, but is also imperative that you have specific alternative sources in place; that media buys can offer really good cheap traffic with an advertising entry level of just $100 or 70.

Now heres the thing that fascinated me and it was concept entitled REMARKETING. Essentially this is where you can put up a banner ad and if someone clicks on it and then moves to another website you can actually get the banner ad to follow them around the internet!! So now you can really target people who click on your banners and then essentially keep targeting them as they are surfing the internet, maybe to remind them or get them to consider your opportunity or business again... I will be going into more detail with this at a later date.

To see more information on this and many more interesting traffic strategies please visit my blog at
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