10 Count, an Entrepreneur"s Knock Out Blow or Wake Up Call

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You are my child.
Though I cannot dry your tears they fall through me.
I cannot hold you always, yet I feel you always.
You are of me.
You are proof of love, love unaltered by circumstance.
Time cannot undo what was.
Doubt is but a shadow of truth, and truth is my love for you.
You are my child.
Brent Nicholson It is never that we are knocked down that is important.
Everybody will experience the knockout blow once in their lives if they are fortunate, most will take that punch several times.
Personally I have received sucker punches out of the blue; I've received anticipated ones and God has delivered at least one, his was the toughest to take.
Survival of the fittest is natures law.
We human beings often think we are above the brutality of the everyday existence of other species, we are after all superior beings.
We are the top predator on the planet.
When we set our sights little can stand in our way.
We have the ability to think, to plan, to envision, to implement.
Everything for us would be a stroll in the park except for one small matter.
We have to deal with other people, people of equal or superior skills, some kind and benevolent, others brutal cunning and evil.
I received the phone call early in the morning, my ex wife was on the line, I hadn't heard from her for a long time.
A tremor coursed through her voice as she struggled to speak.
"He's going to live"she said.
blood drained from my head, I had to sit down.
I instinctively knew she was calling about my son.
Adam had been a kid on the edge since our divorce.
Life had been a challenge for him and consequently for us as well.
" I tried to call you last night," she stammered.
"Adam has been stabbed, he's in critical care at Sunnybrook hospital.
" The drive to the hospital through two hours of rush hour traffic was a curse and a blessing.
Frustrated at the pace it gave me time to collect myself.
Anne met me, hugged me and told me the story.
there was an altercation during the night one of the pack pulled a knife stabbed Adam in the throat and again in the face.
Everybody ran, Adam was left to bleed to death.
He is alive today because the cell phone I was going to take away from him allowed him to dial 911.
I entered the room after the nurse explaining that the knife had pierced his lung, collapsing it.
He had been cracked open twice to stem the bleeding.
Adam was virtually on his death bed.
He had come as close to dying as one could before it was so.
He is alive and doing well today with two beautiful, selfishly speaking, grandchildren.
It's not that we are knocked down that is important, it's how quickly we recover that marks the success or failure of human beings.
Adam's stabbing was his epiphany as was it mine.
We always have a choice in every circumstance life throws at us.
We can throw in the towel crying no mas, no mas.
Or we can gather our feet underneath us and put one foot in front of the other until we gain equilibrium and strength to try again.
Failure is simply the choice to stay down.
Adam grew up that night.
I grasped the power of the moment.
Business is by its definition a brutal game.
Competition will try purposefully to destroy us.
Calamities can surround us at any given moment.
Economic collapses, government decisions, family crisis, health issues among others can all rip our feet out from under.
When we are confronted in such a manner is the exact moment we define ourselves.
We will stay down and choose to be beaten or we will go deep inside to find the resolve, the reserve fuel tank and decide not this time, not here not now.
I have another round left in me.
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