Impeccable Blend of East and West: Zaza

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In an age where lifestyle stores pop up everyday it's rare to come across one that makes you smile the moment you set foot in it.
Zaza is one such place that stands out in the crowd and try as hard as you may just end up spending an entire day here.
A multi-brand specialty home decor and lifestyle store, Zaza is one of those pockets of unbridled joys that will simply rouse your senses and make you pick up everything that you set your eyes on.
Three floors of goodies that include lamps, furniture, apparel, candles, cutlery, curious, jewelry, carpets, cushions, textiles, tableware and many more home accessories, the store hasn't left anything to chance when it comes to setting up a home.
Zaza originated from India Inc.
, a company that has been creating and sourcing quality lifestyle products in India for the export market.
Most of the products housed in Zaza are unique and exclusive but what makes them simply irresistible is the impeccable blend of East and West.
Years of experience of the Western market has enabled Zaza to create products that have a posses a very Indian heart coupled with an extremely western soul.
Picks at Zaza Spread over three levels and an area of 6000 sq.
feet area, Zaza has products that cover the entire spectrum of prices and what's more there's is something for all age groups.
Traditional furniture to die for, kitschy film art inspired cushions covers (Rs.
750) to inspire, brightly painted stainless steel crockery to add color (jugs at Rs.
1200, glasses at Rs.
215), curtains with vividly imaginative prints (Rs.
400), Zaza has just about everything to uplift the senses.
What makes Zaza an interesting place to shop is that it stores products and brands that more often than not give the local Indian market a miss.
Almost hidden from the usual stops Zaza is located at an unlikely destination but don't let the forever chaotic neighborhood and the extremely-difficult-to-manage-parking community centre of Zamrudpur deter you.
The in-house Cafe Zaffiro will give you the perfect opportunity to take a break while raiding Zaza.
Just a few paces from the N-Block Market of the done to death GK-1 lies a store that will make everything seem worth it...
for where else would you end up livening your life up while trying to liven up your room! Zaza, # 25- 26, Community Centre, N- Block Market, New Delhi
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