Reasons for Getting Out of Marine Boot Camp

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    Medical Reasons

    • Report all significant injuries or mental issues to you drill instructor immediately. The Marine Corp has the final say on which injuries or issues will result in a medical discharge. They reserve the right to treat your injuries and issues instead of granting a discharge. The Marine Corp frowns on self-inflicted injuries and may choose to treat the injury and reinstate you in boot camp after treatment.


    • Marine boot camp is extremely physically demanding. Beginning with the second phase of training, the Marine Corp gives regular physical tests to all recruits. Multiple failures on these tests is grounds for removal from boot camp. The test has three phases, including pull-ups, sit-ups and finally a three-mile run. The minimum performance requirement for these tests for a recruit between the ages of 17 and 26 is three pull-ups without letting go of the bar, 50 crunches in two minutes, and a time of 28 minutes or fewer in the three-mile run.

    Dishonorable Discharge

    • Certain acts are grounds for immediate dishonorable discharge and removal from boot camp. Drug use, failure to adapt to the Marine Corp lifestyle or homosexual conduct all lead to this situation. Arrest warrants filed against you will have you immediately discharged as well, and they will turn you over to the local police for processing once these warrants become active. You should consider the consequences of leaving boot camp in this way before you proceed.

    Waiver Denied

    • The Marine Corp gives waivers based on a soldier's situation. Military waivers exist to protect soldiers who are in a difficult situation, such as single parents and soldiers with a large number of dependents. You can enter the military with a waiver filed but before it has been accepted or denied. If they deny your waiver while in boot camp, they remove you from boot camp and place you in the military reserve. You are eligible for reserve service but not active duty.

    Poor Intellectual Performance

    • The Marines can remove you from boot camp if you show consistently poor performance on intellectual tasks or tests. They have the option to place you in special training programs, in which case they will place you back in boot camp following the program.

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