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Are you a shopaholic? Many people are - even if we don't always like to admit it. We all have our own particular brand of shop that we like to frequent though. For some people there is nothing better than going from one clothes shop to another, meanwhile other people love to shop around for new additions to place in their homes.

But no matter what type of shop you like best, you are bound to find it in London. The bustling capital is brimming over with a huge selection of shops both large and small. You've got the huge department stores like Harrods, and the plethora of small shops that are both quirky and welcoming too.

One of the best places to go if you like a touch of the unique is Covent Garden. You can visit a traditional toy shop here, and there is also a shop dedicated to astrology and everything concerned with it. Covent Garden is particularly popular due to offering a lot of different shops all in one attractive location; but there are other popular spots in London too, not least of which is the West End.

Many people automatically think of the theatre when they consider the West End. But in fact it is also a great place to spend some serious cash. Oxford Street is one of the most famous streets in the West End, and it is lined with shops of all descriptions that will appeal to the most dedicated of shoppers.

If you want a taste of the more expensive shops in London, the West End can also offer you the price tags of Bond Street. You might only want to window shop here, but even walking down the street takes you into another area of shopping altogether.

Of course, some stores command your attention more than others, and no one comes to London without taking a look on the many floors which make up Harrods. You can buy virtually anything you want in this luxury top end store. In fact, it is almost like several shops all in one.

With all these shops and many more on offer to explore and spend your way around, it isn't surprising that some people choose to turn a shopping trip into a weekend away. It is good to know that there are plenty of hotels in London close to all the best shops, which provide the perfect base for a shopping spree weekend.

So the next time you have a weekend free and you feel the need to treat yourself to a few things, you may find that London is able to offer you the ultimate shopping experience that you are after.
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