Sales Success - Get What You Want By Giving What They Want

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How do you convince people to accept what you want them to? I want to address two aspects Product/Service (what you have to sell) and Customers (who you want to sell to).
You may have only been interested in the goals setting techniques and not in building a business.
However these two aspects has a universal truth to them.
Firstly, rephrase them as I have done in the brackets above.
The focus then becomes on what you have to sell and who you want to sell to.
Now think of selling as the act of convincing someone else to accept your views, hire you as a staff member, giving you a promotion, buying something from you, going out on a date with you etc.
How will you achieve any of these objectives? By focusing on the needs to the person you want to sell to (convince).
How will you be convinced if you were in the position of making the decision? Let me suggest that we tend to do the following: 1.
We want the facts.
Do we have all the information available that will enable us to decide? 2.
We consider whether it is in our interest.
Will this person be pleasant during a date, will the conversation be interesting etc.
Will we benefit from agreeing to the request.
We consider whether the person is capable of delivering on their promises.
Will they be a good staff member or manager if promoted? Are their products of good quality or will they be pleasant to go on a date with? In short we need to be convinced.
A well known sales technique is that of AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.
Get someone's attention, then create an interest in what you have to offer or want to convince them of, then create a desire to what you have and lastly action where they buy your product or in the examples above accept your point of view, hire you, promote you buy from you or go out on a date with you.
It is a useful technique to rephrase something and then think of it in different terms.
Breaking it down into components and then thinking about the steps required to achieve your goals are also very useful.
In business it is useful to really think about what your customers want and need and how to deliver it to them, but before you deliver to them you have to get their attention, interest, create a desire and get them to act.
In short you have to convince them that what you have to sell will meet their needs.
So what do you want to achieve, sell, gain or who do you want to impress? Have a think using the steps above and all success to you.
Best wishes Harry Touzel
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