Personality Traits of a Brilliant Teacher

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It is quite important for teachers to be friendly and approachable so that pupils feel that they can come to them for advice.
Pupils should be encouraged to ask questions and get involved in classroom debates and discussions.
The teacher should be able to communicate with lots of different types of people because they will be teaching a range of pupils with different personalities.
A great teach will always be firm but fair.
Many teachers can be strict and firm with their pupils but also gain a great deal of respect from them.
They need to find the right balance between being kind and fun and being tough and strict.
All teachers should have an interest and strong passion for their chosen subject.
They should be determined to develop and initiate their pupil's interest in education in general and the subject that they are teaching.
It takes some specials skills to be able to engage some pupils and a good teacher will have the ability to do this.
What many people don't realise is that having a fun personality is fairly important for a teacher.
Pupils need to learn and work hard, but they won't be interested in doing this if both the work and the teacher is boring and not very engaging.
Another great personality trait for a teacher is imagination and the ability to be creative and try new things.
Teacher's need to come up with new and interactive ways of teaching their subject that are both educational and interesting.
They need to be the type of person that is open to trying new things and adaptive to change in the workplace.
Teachers do have to follow a very strict structure but there is certainly room for a bit of flexibility and creativity when meeting objectives.
Teachers also need to be very responsible and organised in everything that they do.
Taking care of children and teenagers is an important job that has a great deal of responsibility.
Lessons need to be planned in advance so that every lesson is structured and productive.
There can be a surprisingly large amount of paperwork involved in this job and therefore good administration skills are important.
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