How To Set and Rank Your Priorities To Become a Success!

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Hi there, happy Friday. Weeks go fast my friend; well here is my "weekend" post.

When you are on the job, virtually everything you do is important. However, setting and ranking your priorities will help to keep everything in its proper perspective. This is a positive way to get things done.

Setting and ranking priorities means acknowledging that some tasks require more time than others, and some tasks require more work than others. If you make the mistake of trying to allot equal amounts of time to every task, it will slow you down and you will not accomplish as much as you should.

While you want to give your best to every task, determining which ones will require more time and effort is a much more productive approach than trying to look at everything equally.

Setting and ranking your priorities also means determining which tasks need to be completed first. You may figure that this is only logical, but it often does not happen that way. Perhaps there is a very large project on the horizon, which will require a significantly larger amount of time and effort than the smaller projects you have at hand. Perhaps there is one which includes an important time frame, or even a deadline. In instances like these, you may have been tempted to do the smaller, easier tasks first. Although it does mean that these easier tasks will be completed, the one which you should have given your attention to first may not.

When you rank your priorities, you can begin by deciding which job or project needs to have your attention before any others. This method will not only ensure that it does get done, but also that you meet it without enough motivation to do it correctly. Similar to what was said earlier in this book about taking on the toughest jobs first, the sooner you begin one with a deadline the more likely you will be to complete it on time.

Setting and ranking your priorities is not a difficult or a time-consuming venture. If you begin each work day with a brief outline of everything you need to accomplish, you can then assign top priority to the tasks which must be completed first. Your entire work day will be much smoother, and you will get more done.


Have a Wonderful Weekend, Take Care Now........

Best Regards

- Jorn
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