Diamond Rings-Symbol of Eternal and Everlasting Love

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Rings make a popular accessory and are the most sought after. The dazzle of diamonds, their hardness and durability are some reasons that contribute to the popularity of these rings. The charm of rings has lured people since ages and its popularity shows no decline even today. A gift of diamond ring expresses love and dedication in a relationship.

Diamond rings are available in a myriad of shapes, designs and styles. They are the most sought after as anniversary, wedding and engagement rings. They are the symbols of commitment romance and eternal and everlasting love.

Diamond jewellery accessories are the best when you are planning to propose your girl for marriage. Nothing can impress a woman more than a ring mounted with the sparkling diamonds. It is sure to leave her smiling.

A diamond gold ring as an anniversary gift celebrates togetherness and is a symbol of lasting relationship; and make a timeless accessory that can be treasured for a lifetime. They also are the best gifts on occasions like Valentine's Day, Christmas, Birthday or New Year. These rings are also a craze among celebrities and they are often spotted wearing this gorgeous accessory.

There are different types of rings you can make a choice from.

Diamond solitaire rings presents the best choice of them all. A single diamond encrusted in a precious metal band is a spectacle to behold.

Diamond eternity rings consists of an unbroken metal band set with diamonds. A full or a semi eternity band symbolize unending love.

You can also opt for a diamond 3-stone ring which signifies past, present and future.

Cluster  rings also make a popular choice. Diamonds paired with other gemstones like pearl, sapphire or any other precious and semi precious stone exudes class and sophistication.

Popular cuts for diamond to be mounted in a ring are round, square, trillion, rectangle, emerald or princess cut. Diamonds are not only colourless but are available in a wide range of colours like pink, yellow, black and brow. If you are in a look out for a unique ring, you can go for these fancy coloured diamond rings.

Rings are found set in metals like platinum, gold and sterling silver. Yellow gold diamond rings are traditional and looks classical. These days white gold has gained a prominent place in market. Diamond set in a sparkling white gold setting accentuates the look of the ring. Platinum diamond rings are highly priced and are not affordable to many. Sterling silver diamond rings look spell bounding and magical.

The knowledge of the four C's (Cut, clarity, carat and colour) of diamonds can get you a perfect diamond ring at good value.
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