Costume Jewelry: What Works for You

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Fans of fashion costume jewelry typically have a preference for a particular style. For example some people prefer the look of silver over gold or large stylish earrings over small inconspicuous studs. Preferences can depend on a number of things. However, the get the best look, certain factors should be considered.

1. Skin tone: Skin tones are generally described as either cool or warm. People with cool skin tones typically have green, blue, or gray eyes with black, brown or blonde hair. Those with warm skin tones generally have black, brown, or hazel eyes with black, brown, blonde or red hair.

If you aren't sure which category you fall into take a look at the veins in your wrists and arms. If they appear greenish, you have warm tones. If they look blue your skin has cool tones.

Silver jewelry and cool colors like purple, blue,pink or green look best on those with cool skin tones. Warm tones look best in gold jewelry and warm colors such as reds, oranges, yellows and browns.

2. Face shape: There are four basic face shapes: round, tiangle, oval, and heart. Face shape should be a major factor in determining which style of costume earrings one should wear. Earrings should bring balance to the face, not accentuate what is already pronounced.

People with an oval face should wear hoops and round earrings for balance. Short drop and chandelier earrings are also fine. However, they should avoid long dangling earrings because they tend to elongate the face even more.

A round face looks best in long dangling earrings, which balance the roundness of the face. This face type should avoid hoops and small or narrow earrings.

Someone with a heart shaped face has pronounced cheeks and a narrow chin. Therefore, its important to avoid pointed, round, and short earrings. Long dangling earrings with a large bottom look best on this face type. Oval earrings also work well. Angular earrings can balance out the fullness of a heart shaped or round face.

A triangular face is identified by a wide forhead and pointed chin. This face type looks best in small round, oval or long dangling earrings with a wide bottom. Earrings with pointed tips should also be avoided.

3. Special occasions, hobbies, interests: One of the greatest advantages of costume jewelry is its versatility. You can very easily change your style to coincide with any occasion whether it be Sunday morning church service, a formal ball, or dance club.

Costume jewelry comes in a vast variety of different styles and themes. For church goers I would recommend a simple classy necklace with a religious charm such as a cross. A glitzy rhinestone bracelet or necklace can be the perfect fashion accessory at a night club or party. A large, bold, cubic zirconia necklace and earring set can make you stand out at any formal occasion. For informal gatherings, you may want to try a more contemporary style made from odd materials like wood, shell, stone, or the popular murano style jewelry. Love music, games, animals, etc? There are sources for costume jewelry in just about any theme you can imagine.

These tips are intended to help you make the best choices in purchasing costume jewelry. But the most important thing to remember is to just have fun. The advantage of costume jewelry verses fine jewelry is the affordability that allows us to experiment.
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