How to Price Web Advertising

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    • 1). Decide where you need to advertise. If there are just a few major sites that you know you would like to advertise, contact advertising sales associates at those sites and get prices, target audience of the site and impressions. Impressions are how many times your ad will appear when someone visits that web page. You will also want to find out where the ad will be located at on the site and how large it will be. Lay out all your information together to compare what the best deals are. The best deals will be where you get the most impressions, the best ad placement and the best size ad. When placing ads web site by web site prices can run anywhere from $50 or less a month to a couple thousand a month for sited with high traffic such as or

    • 2). Contact a company if you want multiple ads. If you want to place ads all across a variety of web sites and it is too time consuming and expensive to place each one individually, there are companies that will place the ads toward your target audience for a low price. Talk to multiple companies to see where you will get the most impressions and the best sites for the lowest price. Remember though a lower price doesn't always mean the best deal because they may be placing your ads on very low trafficked web sites. Check out companies like, and The cost of using a service like this depends on how many sites you want to be on, but you can typically get good exposure for anywhere from $500 to $3,000 and up.

    • 3). Purchase pay-per-click advertising. A growing form of online advertising that is very cost efficient is pay-per-click. These are the ads that you see along the sides of search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and bing. These ads pop up on peoples browsers when they have searched for something that might be related to your ad. You are only charged if someone clicks on the ad and is taken to your website. With this form of web advertising the price is up to you. You set a budget and the search engine displays your ad until your budget has been used. These ads cost anywhere from 10 cents a click to a dollar a click. You can find all the specific details of each search engine by visiting the home page and clicking on advertising at the bottom of the page.

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