How to Build a Relationship With Your List

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If somebody writes you an email and asks you a question, if you don't answer that question they'll probably never ever buy from you.
I want to look at some statistics real quick.
My list of about 10,000 contains somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 buyers, so somewhere in the neighborhood of 8% of the people on my list have bought from me.
However, if I look at the percentage of people who have ever asked me a question online, it's something like 50%.
So what that means is that my conversion rate, once I've developed enough of a relationship to talk with somebody via email, my conversion rate is now 50%.
Keep in mind that that 50% is skewing the 8%.
Without that 50%, that 8% might be 5-6%, so it's critical that when somebody asks you a question online from your list, you have to answer the email if you're going to be in business for a long period of time.
You've got to answer the email.
In my case I take it a step further because I know that once somebody asks me a question there's a 50% chance if I answer it that they're going to buy from me.
So how do I motivate people to write to me? I ask them questions.
Some of you that have been on my list for a long time have seen that email 50 times because I send it out a lot.
I want that response.
You've got to do the same thing on your list.
You've got to build that relationship.
One of the nice things about asking a question is when they answer you you find out what they want and then you can build products that meet those needs.
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