Casino Hotel & Gaming Technology Jobs and Careers

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      Casino hotels have the same kind of positions and careers available as any other hotel in accounting, security, and reception. The gambling floor makes casino hotels unique in requiring positions that deal specifically with the casino. These positions range from administrative in nature to technical for the employees who work directly with gaming technology to make sure it operates properly and within the guidelines set forth by the casino and by local government regulations.

    Casino Manager

    • A casino manager supervises all the games in a casino to ensure that they continue to run smoothly and in accordance with casino policy and legal requirements set by the jurisdiction where the casino operates. The casino manager also supervises and trains all casino employees and makes management decisions regarding the operations of the casino. Part of the casino manager's duties include handling disputes between the casino and customers, and providing high level customer relations to the public.

    Slot Technician

    • Slot technicians work with slot gaming devices to make sure the device operates appropriately. The position includes installation and maintenance of the machines, as well as gathering and maintaining records to demonstrate fair operation of the devices. Slot technicians must be prepared to solve any problems customers have with the machines in a professional and non-confrontational manner. This job requires training in computer technology and an understanding of the relevant electronics in gaming instruments.


    • Dealers work the table games dealing cards and watching for potential rules violations by customers. Card dealers in a casino must provide excellent customer service and in addition to handling the cards, must keep customers entertained and happy.

    Casino Pit Boss

    • The casino pit boss makes sure all table games in a casino run smoothly and without interruption. He checks to make sure each table has the necessary supplies, and sets the dealer rotation schedules. The pit boss maintains good customer relations and with the casino manager helps resolve disputes between customers and individual dealers and casino employees. The pit boss supervises training, and acts as an additional watcher to make sure any rules violations are detected and stopped.

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