Making Money With Adsense: Why Ready-Made Content Is Not The Key!

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Everyone who plays with AdSense these days wants to increase their revenues to reach the income level of all the gurus making 5-figure income monthly.
This is great, of course, who wouldn't want to make 5-figures online in 2 months? But just as all the other online scams promising huge income with zero effort, creating a large AdSense income that will last for years to come does not happen overnight.
The new popular thing everyone is buying at the moment is ready-made AdSense websites.
Just go to eBay and you will find hundreds of people offering complete AdSense websites for 10$! These sites are usually nice, and they sound like the perfect solution for the buyers because the sellers offer a site with 10000 pages for 10$.
This sounds good at first! But really, it is not.
Why? Many reasons: 1.
DUPLICATE CONTENT Because these sites are built using articles available in free article directories, RSS feeds from articles sites and blogs, etc.
Free content means everyone else has the same as you.
The major search engines will not rank your site well if you don't have unique content, so you will never get good traffic from the engines with this kind of site.
Maybe in the beginning, but it will drop quickly.
NOT OPTIMIZED Because you don't control the content on these sites, the articles are not necessarily optimized for the highest paying keywords.
So you will not make the most possible out of the subject of the site! 3.
NO MONEY FROM BACKEND PRODUCTS Because this kind of site is ready-made, you don't have the personal touch and feel of a site built for the long term.
This mean that even though you might make money at first, you will not retain the visitors, they will not come back to the site again and again.
This mean you loose a lot of money that you could be making from promoting products through affiliate programs as a backend.
Is there a way to save time when building your AdSense sites? Sure! Ready-made content is a great time-saver.
You must only use it in a clever way! Here is a way to do it: use it for PART of your site and around it, add unique content you write yourself.
This way, the duplicate content ads up to the size of your site, but the unique content will get you great traffic from the search engines!
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