General Guidelines When Tipping Your Doormen During the Holiday Season

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In big cities, you will notice that tipping the doormen is one of the common ways of saying thank you for the wonderful service that has been provided throughout the year.
Tips can ensure that the excellent service will continue through the coming year.
The tip amount is usually determined by several factors.
Some people just choose to pick a certain range, usually between $20 and $100.
It really also depends on how much you can afford at any one time based on your annual income.
In a luxury apartment though, the doorman might expect a slightly higher tip.
A lot of other different factors could affect the amount of tip you would want to give, like how good the service has been, if you have a 'favorite' doorman and the overall size of the building.
Sometimes, buildings arrange a 'tip pool' so there is only one source of tips.
The whole amount is then divided between the building's employees.
If you are just new in the building and you're not too sure about the kind of tipping done, feel free to ask a neighbor.
You can also check if the building actually provides any guidelines on how to tip its staff members.
They should send out a card with all of the people's names on it and sometimes might suggest a given amount.
Take note that you are never obliged to give a bigger amount because one of your neighbors gives a big amount or the management proposes it.
You are in control of the amount to give and giving it in person can make a big difference.
Make sure you feel comfortable with the amount and are able to afford it.
If you have a passion for baking then you might want to include some of your baked goodies like cookies or cupcakes along with your tip.
This definitely adds a personal touch and your doorman is sure to remember it.
Including this type of gift with a nicely-written card will surely please them, but make sure you also give them money.
It's a nice gesture, but financial rewards are more important.
Your doorman will definitely appreciate the fact that you remembered them during the holiday season.
A simple reminder such as a tip will always be appreciated by anyone as a reminder of a job well done.
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