The Power of The Postcard

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Without wanting to give the game away regarding my age I remember from a very early age the thrill of receiving a postcard through the letterbox. A letter for me! From friends who had gone to Tenby for a two week summer holiday to the more exotic destinations of camping in France or a beach holiday in Spain. And then when I started work it was always the done thing to send a postcard to the poor colleagues left behind covering your job whilst you had your annual two weeks away somewhere. It was just expected that a card would be sent. And when they went away the process would be repeated. At the end of the summer holiday season all the postcards would be pinned up somewhere communal - a memory board of our happy holidays.

Why did we stop sending postcards? Well obviously that internet thingy has a lot to do with it. With instant messages sent via social media and more communication apps than you can shake a stick at why would you bother to browse the postcard selection, buy a foreign stamp and work out which odd shaped box is the one for the post? Let alone the fact that you might have to think about what you are writing. But that is exactly the point. Selecting the postcard is an art in itself and the fun is choosing a card that you know the recipient will get pleasure from. It might be a saucy €kiss me quick' cheeky British seaside postcard (which occasionally strayed from naughty humour to downright rude!) or a beautiful photograph of where you are staying. Either way it is carefully selected with an individual in mind. Then comes the message. There is definitely a skill involved in filling one side of a postcard whilst leaving enough room for the address and stamp without having to write sideways up the card in a desperate attempt to fit everything in. But best of all is the feeling you get when you drop that postcard in to the mail and know that you are going to connect with someone on a personal level. Not just a quick text or general message to all your friends on Facebook, but truly connect on a much more personal level - because you took the time to write an individual message on a piece of mini artwork that you then mailed.

And who doesn't like getting a postcard drop through the letterbox? This is why postcards are so good at communicating a marketing/advertising message. You know very well that when a postcard plops on to the mat that you are going to turn it over to see what is on the other side. You just have to; it is some sort of law of human nature that demands you flip it over. Postcards work because people read them. There is no envelope to open; they are colourful (hopefully if you have done your marketing right!) and the message is bite sized. Perhaps even a little teaser. Say less to get more; out of curiosity the source of information, your website, will be like a beacon that glows in the dark and the traffic will start to flow towards it.

For an even quicker hit use your postcard marketing with a money off voucher. I guarantee that the postcard will stay firmly fixed to the fridge door until the day arrives that it is called in.

When you are in a position to discuss your postcard marketing get in touch with us at Just Flyers and we will be happy to help.
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