For Online Success, Discover Your Passion

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Why is it so hard for people to succeed online when there are lots of people that are wildly successful today? I mean, what happened to the land of opportunity? Well, it could be that passion is lacking in those that aren't succeeding online.
If you look at many of the web sites and blogs that people are putting together today you can just feel the lack of commitment and excitement for the subject the author is writing on.
Worse, you can see that the web sites were just put together in an attempt to make money.
I know you've seen them, those affiliate sites full of nothing but "seizure" banners.
Those are the banners that flash at you in highly contrasting colors that you just want to get away from as soon as you can.
There are millions of these sites clogging up search engine results that do nothing but aggravate people like you that may have landed on one.
Is there anyone that clicks on those banners or spends more that five seconds on a site like that? The sad truth is that 99% of these sites never earn their owners an any money.
Did you know that most affiliate marketers never even get a single check? What kind of a bummer is that? So what's the secret to online success today? Well, as I mentioned earlier, passion is what's lacking, so maybe that's the key.
I think it is! But how does passion work? It's not something you get right away, it's something you already have because you are already involved.
Right now you are doing something you are passionate about, maybe you just don't know it.
It's not about making money, it's about what you love to do.
You'll have a much better go at your online business if you do something you already know about and you are already passionate about.
Didn't you just put that Corvette together in the garage last summer? Aren't you known for being the PhotoShop guru around the office? What about those custom greeting cards you've been sending all your friends for the last few years? Didn't you and your wife just build your own log cabin.
Aren't you known at church as the best pie baker in the world? All of these things could be the beginnings of successful online businesses.
Why? Because you wouldn't be able to do these things if you weren't passionate about them in the first place.
I've discovered in the last few years that the people who start out wanting to find something that will make them the most money, usually have the hardest time succeeding.
Then the people who are succeeding wildly are the ones who are more concerned about how they are helping people or just living their passion instead of chasing dollar signs.
You already have the passion inside you.
I know you do! How do I know.
Because as mentioned above, most of those things are probably what you'd rather be doing when you get called for dinner or get asked to take out the trash.
You know that, don't you? Take that passion and turn it into success.
It is much easier than trying to be successful with something you don't have.
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