Internet Marketing: Why Do I Need Web Hosting?

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In this article I am going to explain what web hosting is all about.
When you first start finding out how to make money online and you consider internet marketing you will soon come across web hosting and be told that this is something that you need.
So what is it? Basically, if you have a website you will need somewhere to host it - somewhere for it to belong.
Without hosting, a website can't function.
Web hosting is where all of a website's information or data is stored.
Therefore it is really important that you choose a web hosting service that is reliable and secure.
If you do a Google search you will find that there are loads of web hosts out there! Therefore choosing a good one can be hard.
There are lots of free web hosting services too and when you are just starting out it can be very tempting to set up an account with a free one.
This is what I did at the start.
It wasn't long before I got really frustrated as a lot of the time the web hosing service was "down for maintenance".
Obviously that was not good as when visitors came to my website they also saw the "down for maintenance" sign! If you're wanting to create a website for your online business then you must find a reputable web hosting service.
There are different packages that you can purchase with various prices tags but you only need a simple one at the start.
Just make sure that should you get lots of traffic to your website you will be allowed sufficient disk space and bandwidth from your host - without this your site could become unavailable for a while.
I would recommend a hosting account that has a cpanel for managing your files and website.
This makes it very easy for you to upload any files to your website and to do any website maintenance.
Most host services provide excellent customer support via email and live chat.
This becomes really important if your website goes down for any reason.
The sooner you can get it back online again the better as you are missing out on traffic while it is unavailable.
Remember that the success of your online business depends on getting traffic and potential customers to your webpages and therefore your web host is an extremely critical part of your business.
Read plenty of customer feedback and reviews to make sure that you choose a good one.
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